Press Release:  August 15, 2021

Velvet Thruster partners with Sex toy Critic and Influencers

Velvet Thruster is celebrating the release of its new G-Spot thrusting dildo named “Nanci” which has been designed and shaped by respected sex toy critic and product influencer @Supersmashcache, Cy Smash.

Summer before the pandemic, Velvet co-founders Danyell and Alex Fima, along with friends from retailer SheVibe, hosted a score of sexual wellness professionals, sex product reviewers and adult pleasure influencers.   We asked if they would give us guidance on the silicone thruster product family so we may implement improvement on our original products like the Jackie.  This gave participants a chance to actually design and shape a dildo design for our thruster relaunch now known as our Prime series product family. 

When originally launched, the Velvet thruster products did not allow you to change toy shapes and add accessories, we came away from the meeting knowing it was a top criteria for our re launch for our original thrusting dildo products.

“We really appreciate the valuable opinions from our sexual wellness influencer community because they represent a broad diverse consumer user base and give us straightforward guidance about what users want in their sex tech products”, says Danyell Fima, Principal at Velvet Holding Co.

“Cy Smash gave us a perfect g spot dildo sculpted in clay that we really liked and then turned into a production play head for our Prime Thrusting dildos, and as we continue to release new sex wellness product brands we will continue to seek guidance from the influencer community in sex education, couples therapy, mental health and pleasure product experts – these guys really help us bring to life sexual health products that are user friendly” said Alex Fima, second Principal of the sex wellness brand Velvet Holding Co.

Velvet CO is currently seeking additional influencer partners for direct paid engagement to inspire and guide new sexual health product brands.    We are currently working on additional sex toy and beauty & health products.  If you would like to work with us please contact our public relations person at

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