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Frankie - The Handheld Thrusting Machine

All About That Head

Frankie has a shapely head and knows how to use it. Use the bulbous head and shaft of this handheld thrusting machine to deliver earth-shattering orgasms. Harness the power of a full-sized thrusting sex toy in a handheld toy with Frankie.

Enjoy 3 inches of powerful thrust from a super-flexible shaft with 6.5 inches of insertable length. Turn up the speed for up to 140 thrusts per minute! Whether you’re using this thrusting machine on your own or with a friend, Frankie is the gift that keeps on giving great orgasms.


Wide Tip

Frankie is a robust machine that is 1.5” wide at the head and 6.5” in length.

Flexible Body

You won’t reach those sweet spots without a little bit of bending. Frankie bends up to 90˚ so that it goes where you need it most.

10 Speed Settings

With this handheld thrusting machine, you have quick access to speed settings. Go slow and smooth or hard and fast at up to 140 thrusts per minute.

Rechargeable Battery

Enjoy Frankie for up to 8 hours of battery life, then recharge using the included magnetic connecting charger.

Body-Safe Silicone

Go ahead, play with Jackie in with confidence; its surface is entirely body-safe.


All Velvet Cock thrusting machines are gender-neutral and can be used for all kinds of play.

Water Resistant

While you can’t use Jackie in the bathtub, it’s resistant to all kinds of moisture. Safely clean it with water or non-silicone based sex toy cleaner.

Enjoy Better Orgasms

There’s nothing like discovering a new way to achieve great orgasms, and Frankie delivers in so many ways. With its gorgeous head, rippling body, and other great features, you’ll be smiling, satisfied, and speechless, but never silent.

So go ahead – let this loud, proud sex machine rock your world. Enjoy the power of the most cutting-edge handheld thrusting machines available. Pick up Frankie today, or see our collection of Thruster sex toys.