• big-thrusting-dildo

Sammie | Realistic Large Thrusting Dildo


Sammie | Realistic Large Thrusting Dildo

  • big-thrusting-dildo
  • Giant-dildo, sammie realistic sex machine
  • big-realistic-thruster-Dildo
  • Realistic-thrusting-dildo-big
  • velvet-thruster-sex-machine
  • big-thrusting-dildo
  • Giant-dildo, sammie realistic sex machine
  • big-realistic-thruster-Dildo
  • Realistic-thrusting-dildo-big
  • velvet-thruster-sex-machine

Sammie | Realistic Large Thrusting Dildo


    Bends 90°

  • 6 SPEEDS

    Up to 140 Strokes per Minute


    3.5” of vibrating thrust


    Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life


    Made with Water-Resistant & Medical-Grade Silicone


    Available in our accessories (not included)

Sammie- A Giant Dildo with Thrusting Action

We’re proud to present Sammie! Our most realistic and large Thrusting Dildo! Sammie is a big dildo with a welcoming natural penis shape that will fit velvet thruster prime series handheld sex machines.   This giant dildo has enlarged girth and length for those that enjoy a filling feeling with penetration.  Sammie is part of our Velvet Thruster Prime Series thrusting vibrator products. It includes our patented drive system which delivers powerful thrust.  Sammie, shown here, is a preconfigured Prime model and has more than 7"of insertable length and 2.25" width for those that like thicker girth or circumference!

  • Stroke length 3.3" and up to140 strokes per minute,
  • No-stall powerful motor with 6 speeds,
  • Ultra-soft medical grade silicone which can flex or bend while thrusting,
  • Changeable tops and accessories,
  • Overall size depends on top being used, see chart,
  • Extra long-lasting battery to support high torque output,
  • 300 stand-by hours, 8 hours use time, 30-minute charge time.

A Thrusting Sex Machine, with a Ton of Power

All the Velvet Prime products use a large motor and large rechargeable battery that is combined with our patented drive mechanism.   Up to 3.3" of torque-driven thrust, with 6 speeds up to 140 strokes per minute.

Velvet Prime products all share interchangeable toys and accessories.  So, if Sammie is too big to play with today, grab Jackie, want anal pleasure grab Walter - you get it.

All Velvet thruster products are rechargeable, prime products can last up to 6 hrs. of play depending on torque use.  It takes up to 30 minutes to fully charge; will also work when plugged in and has an extra-long cord.

This makes Sammie the most realistic large dildo sex machine, an artfully crafted natural penis, with a large girth makes this a raw mechanical power sex machine, all in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Be sure to see the other versions of the Velvet Thruster too, JackieNanciFrankie, and Walter.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a pulsating dildo to something that's stronger and more natural, than Sammie might be the best thrusting dildo for you. Give yourself or someone as kinky as you are the gift of amazing, realistic pleasure. Pick up Sammie today, or see our full collection of Velvet Thruster sex toys.

The Big Dildo of Champions

A massive real penis in a soft velvety medical grade silicone material meant for a fulfilling big dick feeling.  The Sammie head that is fitted to the Velvet Prime series base allows you to have a rechargeable, handheld sex-machine.  If you want to achieve orgasm with penetration or need a larger dick to have a vaginal orgasm this is the best sex toy.  Nominated best adult pleasure product 2021!

Velvet Co. used our experience in aerospace engineering and translated it into sex tech to create a new dildo sex machine that’s affordable handheld, and doesn’t look or feel absurd. Adult fun has never been better-engineered and better priced.  Available with up to 3 yrs. tip to tail warranty.

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      Customer Reviews for Thrusting Dildo Sex Toys

      Teddy Mini I had a great session with the Teddy mini. The suction cup holds it in helpfull positions. I am a male and I came over and over as it hit my spots. Plenty of heavy lube needed as friction can get uncomfortable fast. I'll be looking for a bigger model next time.

      - Jay B. Mar 20, 2023

      Amazing! Works great for anal play which is what I was worried about. Very pleased with my purchase!

      - Anonymous. Mar 8, 2023

      Great product My wife has NEVER been happier. Company is also true to their word. Her toy didn’t charge after the 2nd use which may have been our fault but they replaced it, no questions asked. Get one

      - K.R. Feb 11, 2023

      OMG this thruster was amazing! I loved how it pulsed and changing positions with it was even better! At first yeah some lube does help but inserting it in my pussy and ass was fucking amazing, pardon my french! The only thing I wish it had was a remote and that’s it!

      - T.Mulls. Mar 7, 2023

      Hands free joy! Charges quickly, long battery life, fun colors. Love it!!! Told all my friends to get it.

      K.B. Mar 6, 2023

      Narly Dude. Excellent toy gets the job done.

      - Joe. Mar 2, 2023