Finally, A Portable Fuck Machine!

Have you heard about fuck machines? Sex machines, also known as fuck machines, are mechanical devices built for hardcore pleasure. Historically a

fuck machine is a large elaborate device often time built fromSex Machine, Old Sex Machine, Fuck Machine expensive components. Due to the size of many sex machines, discretion can become difficult, until now. Velvet Co. is proud to introduce The Velvet Thruster Prime, a portable powerhouse fuck machine!  Check out the Thruster Prime configurations and custom build your own sex machine.

A Portable Fuck Machine

The Thruster Prime Series is the future of portable, discreet sex toys. Many of the sex machines of yesterday require a wall outlet for the machine to work. Instead, we have opted for a long-lasting rechargeable battery unlocking unlimited possibilities on where you can use this.... a vacation, at home, or even on a risky adventure!   This technology for batteries did not exist 10 years ago! We use the same power as powerful electric scooters and bikes, but a small compact version.

Powerful Thrusting Action

These fuck machines are not only battery-powered lending themselves to portability, they are extremely powerful! utilizing 6-speed functions increasing all the way to 140 strokes per min... or more than two strokes a second using our patented drive mechanism which is unique to our brand and developed for the Original thruster (link to blog?)   Battery life averages 4-6 hours of hardcore playtime.  When using at higher torque you will use more battery life.  High Torque is when the product is under strain, pushing hard and flexing or curving.  Something your old  sex machine could never do with its long jabbing steel rod behind your favorite dildo.  

Suction Cup Base 

Before the introduction of our pre-configured fuck machines like Jackie,Fuck Machine sex machines could be huge and very elaborate. With our suction cup base, there is no need for a DIY solution to get the right position. Simply suction the base of our dildo onto a smooth surface of your choosing, think of the options. Now you can easily mount your fuck machine anywhere with a flat surface, paired with a sex stool, the only limitation is your creativity.  Or, remove the suction cup and add a long reach handle if you want to enjoy some missionary play and don't want to strain your arms!   Even change heads in the middle of play with the thruster sex toy.

Who Is Using A Fuck Machine

So you might be asking yourself is a sex machine for me? The short answer is yes! If you enjoy vaginal penetration.  Sex should not be painful and of course intercourse is uncomfortable for some, either physically or preferentially.   Now that fuck machines these days have gotten as small as your Hitachi magic wand lots of people are adding one to their sex toy collection for play.  Velvet thruster was here from the beginning and sells direct to consumers.  The products would otherwise be too expensive to get at the store.

What are Professionals saying about The Velvet Thruster?

Curious about what experts are saying about our revolutionary portable fuck machine? Check out what Julieta Chiara has to say about the Thruster series. Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it, popular sexpert Ruby Red was able to take a look at our premium sex machine The Thruster Prime.

Fuck Machines For Every Gender

Our Thruster Series of Fuck Machines are uni-sex, which means no matter whafuck machinet your gender you will enjoy Velvet Co. sex machines. How is this possible? Our Fuck Machines or completely modular and we offer a full selection of swappable accessories like different dildo heads, easy-to-use handles, and bases.  And are friendly for use with anal masturbation, consider Walter

Advantages of Our Fuck Machine

  • Adjustable Speed, according to the intensity you want. 6 different speeds, allowing for trusting action of up to 140 strokes per minute
  • Powerful Motor: Reach orgasm quickly.
  • Unisex. Change attachments to suit everyone's needs
  • Several possible penetration angles. Flexible shaft can curve 
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of use on a single charge
  • Multi Orgasm Experience: Untiring, several orgasms in a single session.

How to Prepare your Velvet Co. Sex Machine

  • Make sure to have lube on hand, apply liberally as needed. Did you know that silicone and oil-based lubes can actually harm your fuck machine? Try our Water-based Lube instead.
  • Remember to clean and disinfect the unit before and after each use. For this we highly recommend Glisten.
  • To make cleaning easier, you can also use a condom. Pro tip: oil and silicone-based lubes will actually break down silicone dildos. Try using a water-based lubricant instead.
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