• water-based-lube, gleam personal lubricant

Gleam Sex Toy and Partner Play Water Based Lubricant


Gleam Sex Toy and Partner Play Water Based Lubricant

  • water-based-lube, gleam personal lubricant
  • organic-lubricant, gleam personal lubricant
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  • water-based-lube, gleam personal lubricant
  • organic-lubricant, gleam personal lubricant
  • Lube-for-women, gleam sex toy lubricant
  • fleshlight-lube, gleam lubricant for men
  • unisex-lube, gleam sex toy lube

Gleam Sex Toy and Partner Play Water Based Lubricant


Gleam Sex Toy and Partner Play Water Based Lube


Sea Kelp Plus Water-Based Lube for Sex Toys and Partner Play.  

Personal lube for all types of play! Can be used for partner play, or solo play. Use with penetrative dildos, penis strokers, fleshlights, sex machines, and more! Gleam will provide a comfortable glide and easy clean-up. 


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! The Best Water-Based Lube


GLEAM body is a water-based personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication.

Sex toy-friendly and non-irritating formula.   

Formulated using purely sea-kelp-based glycerin, this top-selling lubricant is designed to provide a silky smooth, and comforting glide with no sticky or tacky residue.

Sea kelp-based glycerol is excellent for skin that is prone to dry irritating conditions. The sea kelp provides Omega 3 which soothes and softens, reducing sensitivity.


A sex-toy lubricant for any and every one with easy no tacky feeling. Apply liberally directly to sex-toy before use and add more as necessary until a comfortable glide is achieved. Gleam unisex water-based lubricant is 510K medical grade certification with FDA approval, and it comes in a 4.0 oz container.


How Much Lube Should I Use?  

Water-based lube is generally a great multipurpose lubricant. It's ok to use a generous amount, however, here are some helpful tips to get the most benefit while using personal lubricant products.

TIP 1. For those that don't like to over-apply personal lubricant because they have sensitive skin or prefer a less messy play session, start by applying an amount about the size of a quarter directly to your velvet thruster, vibrator, or dildo.  Gleam water-based lube is sea kelp-based and will work with all quality adult sex toy products.

At the start of play don't be surprised if you have to quickly apply again to get a comfortable glide with your sex toy or partner.   

TIP 2. Then use water to extend the lubrication from each application by dipping fingers in water collecting a few drops to add directly to the friction area.  This helps keep a consistent glide, which will ease discomfort and allow you to work with a minimal amount for an extended period of time. Remember, the lubricant is there to prevent discomfort or chaffing of the skin during anal sex or vaginal penetration. You can't hurt yourself by using too much, but the best practice is to find the right amount for you.

TIP 3. Avoid flavored or colored Lubes.  Color additives, flavoring, or sugars are bad for sensitive skin and may be linked to a higher risk of bacterial vaginosis.   Stick to a basic formula and supplement with water to achieve comfort using the smallest amount of personal lubricant.

TIP 4. If you are trying to get pregnant be conscious about the type and quantity of lube you are using.  Research suggests that some personal lubes affect sperm's ability to migrate and fertilize eggs.  Look for a fertility lube that is specialized for when you are trying to or are pregnant.

TIP 5. Lube can be a great thing to have on hand for things that don’t even involve sexual activity. It can be a great multipurpose aide when it comes to things like hair frizz or chaffing. Though it might seem unconventional, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! 

Bonus: Gleam is made with an organic sea-kelp base that is frequently found in hair healing formulas!


Safety and Risk of Use per ISO3533 for Safe Sex Toy Design 

The product complies with quality standard for medical manufacturing ISO13485 and has a 510K.  ISO 3533 is a new quality standard which we are working on in our quality system.  

As such we define this product as level 1 product in our quality management system, defining it as a very low risk of use and very low incidence of occurrence type product.

Safe to use and apply liberally.  Rinse off with water, do not ingest.



Our Plant-Based Lubricant is Organic

Personal lubricant for everyone!

Our water-based personal lubricant is manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485 quality standards and is FDA 510K certified.   This means we comply with the International Standards Organization (ISO) for compliance with best practices in manufacturing.  It requires outside auditors to annually review manufacturing records and practices to assure quality.  It is a system that involves record management, employee training, and numerous other guidelines that encourage best practices.     


As of 2020, Amazon lubricant sales online require these certifications to sell personal lubricant as a safety measure for consumers.  Gleam lube is manufactured in accordance with these standards.

Discreet Shipping for Sex Toys

Your privacy is important to us and with our discreet shipping policy, you can shop with confidence. You're our privacy matters.


Where are you shipping from?

All products are shipped from our warehouse in Brooklyn, NY. Please check your address on the confirmation email for misspellings and omitted apartment numbers. These are the biggest causes of failed deliveries.

How long will it take to process my order?

All orders are fulfilled on the same day, Monday through Saturday. Orders on Sundays or Holidays are processed the next business day. Tracking numbers will arrive in your email associated with your order a short time later.  

Who will the label say it's from?

The shipper will be identified as VHC, LLC, which is Velvet Holding Company, LLC.   With our discreet shipping practices there are no other markings on the outside of the packaging. 

What does the package look like?

    All shipments are made with plain brown cardboard boxes, accept bundle boxes, which are plain white cardboard boxes.  The size may vary slightly based on your custom build order; some samples are pictured below for reference. 


    Discreet Shipping


      Where Do You Deliver?

      Velvet can ship your sex toy products internationally with duty prepaid to most international locations.  Russia and China are currently excluded.

      For International Customers.

      Your package will include customs documentation in a document pouch.  This is your invoice used by customs to identify the product category.  For massager or sex wellness products the tariff code is 9019.10.20, for lubricant 3006.70.00.  Your products are delivered with shipping and duty pre-paid when possible.

      What Are My Shipping Options?


      • - USPS PRIORITY: $14.99 / 3-5 Days
      • - UPS/FEDEX 2 DAY EXPRESS: $28.99 / 2-3 Days


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      What Forms of Payment Do you Accept?

      All major credit cards are processed with Shopify or PayPal. PayPal seems to work best for international orders.

      What will be the billing statement show?

      Your billing statement will show Velvet CO. for all sex wellness product purchases,

      Don't forget to Insure your Package.

      We offer an option to ensure your shipment from loss at checkout, we advise you take this on all your mail order goods. Without this you are not covered from loss if FedEx or UPS fails to deliver your package.  Our liability ends when it is scanned in by the carrier without insurance.

      How do I return or exchange my Velvet Thruster product?

      Velvet products are covered by a warranty against manufacturer defects for faulty workmanship or materials.  Additional warranty is offered at checkout. Please note that due to the nature of sex toy products returned goods are not permitted. Replacement, exchange or store credit may be considered. If you have a warranty issue, please email us to start the claim process at help@velvet-brands.com.

      My product was damaged during shipment, what do I do next?

      If you find your product has been damaged or has opened during transit, please take photographs. Email the photographs and your order number to help@velvet-brands.com.so Remember for international shipment, customs will sometimes open parcels to verify contents during their process. Typically, this is indicated with a sticker marking inspection has been completed.


      Customer Reviews for Thrusting Dildo Sex Toys

      Teddy Mini I had a great session with the Teddy mini. The suction cup holds it in helpfull positions. I am a male and I came over and over as it hit my spots. Plenty of heavy lube needed as friction can get uncomfortable fast. I'll be looking for a bigger model next time.

      - Jay B. Mar 20, 2023

      Amazing! Works great for anal play which is what I was worried about. Very pleased with my purchase!

      - Anonymous. Mar 8, 2023

      Great product My wife has NEVER been happier. Company is also true to their word. Her toy didn’t charge after the 2nd use which may have been our fault but they replaced it, no questions asked. Get one

      - K.R. Feb 11, 2023

      OMG this thruster was amazing! I loved how it pulsed and changing positions with it was even better! At first yeah some lube does help but inserting it in my pussy and ass was fucking amazing, pardon my french! The only thing I wish it had was a remote and that’s it!

      - T.Mulls. Mar 7, 2023

      Hands free joy! Charges quickly, long battery life, fun colors. Love it!!! Told all my friends to get it.

      K.B. Mar 6, 2023

      Narly Dude. Excellent toy gets the job done.

      - Joe. Mar 2, 2023