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What's the Difference in Thruster Sex Toy Models?

Welcome to Velvet-Co, engineers of the Thruster brand sex toy products!   We would like to educate and inform you about our models so that you may choose wisely.   We have 2 different series thrusting dildo products, Prime and Mini, and 2 derivative products Velvet Stroker and the Universal Thruster which all use our patented drive screw mechanism making it the #1 Best Thrusting Sex Toy sold today.   Please check the details described below to properly select the best product for your playtime, whether solo or with a partner.

 Prime Series-Build Your Own Dildo

Prime series thruster sex toys are the bigger motor, bigger battery and more thrust “top shelf” model. These you can build and customize yourself using the interface on our webpage, allowing you to buy and use multiple different heads on the same sex toy thruster base and add accessories, like easy reach handles and suction cups in the middle of play.    We are always adding new options and heads for your future selection.

The basic specs are:

  • More than 3” thrusting stroke length
  • Up to 140 strokes per minute
  • Massive torque, is so it won’t stall
  • Big battery 1200mah, which last more than 6 hours of hard use.


These are excellent for couples and solo users that know and enjoy penetration, and variety.  As a couple and from our own personal experience, we use thruster prime to extend our playtime substituting Sammie for example with hubby and back again.  We are always switching heads on our Prime, many times between our best sellers Jackie and Sammie for the sensation of extra filling thickness.  And when alone, a suction cup or long reach handle make it easy to use without tiring your arm. 

 Thruster Mini Sex Toy

Mini series thrusting dildos are stand alone sex toys with a built-in suction cup, they are NO extra heads or handles that fit these models but the share the same powerful drive mechanism.  These are great beginning and intermediate user products and have an economical entry level price point.   Especially if your gifting sex toys to a friend this is an easy place to start!  It’s the size and shape of any regular silicone dildo, so it’s not intimidating. 

The basic specs are:

  • More than 2” thrusting stroke length
  • Up to 130 strokers per minute
  • Still massive torque, is so it won’t stall
  • Smaller battery 600mah, which last more than 2 hrs of hard use.


The mini series thrusters are a great value and an excellent selection for any sex toy user.  It’s a simple, strong and a powerful thrusting dildo in one adorable package.   The TX and XL models share the Jackie anatomy, with the XL being slightly linger and allowing additional flexibility in the shaft that makes more additional insert length and easier reach.   The GS model was shaped by sex toy critic and reviewer @supersmashcache, it has extra flex and does a great job of stimulate the G-spot!  Anyone in search of vaginal orgasms and excellent thrusting dildo product would enjoy our Thruster mini series.




First-Ever Velvet STROKER model!

Brand new release for Velvet Thruster brand is the Auto-Solo Stroker.  The first sex toy that can be shared by male and female partners!  Swap dildo heads for her and shape masturbation cup is the Velvet Stroker for him.  Auto-Stroker comes standard with new Steel drive screw for unbreakable fun.  The strength allows you to also insert you Fleshlight and auto-stroke it with 200 stroke per minute max speed.



 Strap-On Friendly Universal Thruster Sex Toy

Our mini series products include this universal thrusting dildo pictured below.  It allows you to plug on any Dildo from your collection that is setup for the Vac-U-Lock Doc Johnson or similar dildo.  And like all of our mini series products the base will fit into a strap-on ring.



Velvet CO, Wellness Brands Thanks You.  

Thank you for considering our quality dildo products, engineering the flex into both our thruster product lines, makes it far batter because it can curve and flex while it thrusts allowing a user to pin point internal areas and really work wonders!   We sell them directly because they cost us a lot to manufacture and the price point we be 2 times higher if we had to sell through the old school distribution network the past – where middle men peel of dollars from doubling the prices.  We didn’t know this when we started and it forced us to create a direct-to-consumer brand in a terrain where we are forbidden from paid advertising because we make sex wellness items.  But we are a hard-working family business and the success has made its way back into our business and you’ll see it by looking at our brands in family!

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