Suction Vibrators Vs Normal Vibrators?

You may have heard the buzz going around about suction vibrators, but what's the big deal about these air-pulse vibrators? Well to start, lets look at the best suction sex toy deal around these days, La Rosa.  The air-pulse happens inside the opening, it is creating a delicate vacuum or suction which is applied directly to the clitoris for pleasure.  Essentially, it's like a sucking or fluttering sensation that is used to create a strong clitoral orgasm and FAST. Perfect for those that like to rub one out quickly and discreetly.  Plus the cute design sits on any shelf in the house and no one knows what it is.   In this article, let's compare how Suction Vibrators compare to traditional vibrators or dildos.

How Do Suction Vibrators Work?

Clitoral suction-style vibrators are sex toys that use air pressure to generate suction force. Instead of a traditional vibration sensation from a motor that vibrates, the nozzle, or opening, of suction-style vibrators rests around your clitoris so it doesn't actually touch your clitoris directly. Gentle vibrations suck and massage together to provide a completely different sensation. People often compare it to oral sex but without the confusion of what to do by bad play partners. Suction Vibrators are purely topical, however, they are great to pair with a penetrative toy such as The Thruster Prime Series. In contrast, Dildos are primarily used for penetrative action aiming for a vaginal orgasm instead of clitoral orgasm.

Does the Orgasm Feel Different?

Looking at the entire sensation experience with a suction-style vibe is a bit more helpful than focusing on just the orgasm. Because a clitoral suction toy envelopes the clitoris and is much more targeted, the entire experience from start to finish can feel a bit more intense, including the orgasm. Sometimes it can even be a slightly longer-lasting orgasm, depending how long you can last without wiggling away!

A traditional vibrator with a pretty standard-sized stimulation area can have a more steady, predictable orgasm trajectory but when you embark on trying a suction-style toy, you'll want to be aware that the entire session might feel different: speed to orgasm, spikes on the way, the stronger intensity of sensations and possibly a longer, stronger orgasm. Lastly, suction-style vibes have been known (and loved!!) for providing multiple orgasms, that might only be ended by your toy running out of battery.

Final Verdict: Which is Better, Traditional Dildos, or Suction Vibrators?

The final verdict of which sex toy is better is really dependent on the individual user, but the old saying holds true... "You Never Know Until You Try". If you're the kind of person who really enjoys direct external clitoral stimulation and has already tried a traditional vibrating toy (or two) and you're ready to explore new sensations you're very likely to think of a suction-style vibrator that provides unparalleled enjoyment.

Why not take care of yourself properly and have several types of sex toys!  Think of how much is wasted on porn or at strip clubs, sending you home swollen and aching for release!  Take sex wellness into your own hands as often as possible.  Rarely does someone else do it better!

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Are Suction Toys Worth the Hype and What one to Buy

We can confidently say suction-style sex toys are worth the hype — as long quality is of high importance. When it comes to clitoral-suction vibrators, you really do get what you pay for!

Check Out La Rosa

La Rosa is a discrete suction vibrator that uses air pulse technology, which is fully waterproof for tub or shower. This sex toy creates suction for incredible clitoral orgasms!  Air pulse technology and clit suction sex toys are easy to use and pair exceptionally well with Velvet Thruster products, or any favorite dildo, for dual stimulation masturbation.

The rose shape design makes for a fun and unique new sex toy that works as well as it looks.  This compact suction sex toy is discrete and easy to use.  Leave it by the shower or bedside table with its discreet sex toy design. This medical-grade silicone sex toy is completely waterproof and is an excellent shower companion.

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