how to hide dildos and sex toys

No one should be going through your personal stuff but frequently friends, family and especially kids like to poke around your closet and it can get very embarrassing and uncomfortable when they find your sex toys.

If you’re just looking for a fast, practical way to hide your sex toys, try out these hiding spots!   The secret is layers.

Our pleasure products need to be hidden, they are sex machines.  Velvet Thruster is a sex toy company for individuals that really like orgasm.   We appreciate discretion and want to help you keep your dildo hidden. 


Improving Classic Hiding Spots: Closets & Drawers

Lets face it, these are the first places wandering eyes will look.  Despite the uncomfortable feelings loved ones will have while they dig through your underwear drawer - they will do it. Just looking for some extra Benjamin's they will discover a stash of toys for your vagina if you are not careful.  We can do better than this.  If you have your own room or at least your own storage space, then it should be a no-brainer to hide your sex toys where they cant immediately find them.  Doesn't matter what kind, realistic dildo, bigger dildo, or a mini dildo.

  1. Your underwear drawer, only good for you with easy of access - not so hidden... Better might be inside a Sock or even a Small Box, perhaps a feminine products box that fits in your drawer!
  2. The back of your closet is good because its harder to reach, but maybe consider a Shoe Box or Suitcase that requires extra work to find.
  3. Your sex toys hidden in the closet might be best in a garment bag or coat pocket, you can double the coat up and make those pockets even harder to find for the untrained eye.
  4. Under the bed is a good start but consider extra security with Shipping Tube or Fedex Box to create an extra layer of safety.
  5. Bathroom cabinet or drawer of my bedside table are obvious but can be good if you got an extra layer of security included, like a lockable vibrator case with a combination lock or a makeup bag as additional cove


If you’ve seen our Velvet Thrusters, we are not really a beginner sex toy. We are for users that like a realistic cock experience that involves stroking, rubbing and penetration to achieve orgasm.   Novices might want to start with a vibrator or simple realistic dildo.   Anyhow, while we all hope for a world where no one has to be shy about or hide their sex toys, the reality is a bit more complicated - especially if you have kids and family close by...frequently they may not respect your personal space boundary.  No one wants their sex toy collection found hidden in a little box at the top of the closet by kids.  So Add layers using our secrets below.


Outside the bedroom door: For Maximum Secrecy

Closets and drawers are convenient to hide sex toys but if you want no mishaps and extra discretion, think outside the bedroom use layers.  This allows you the option of pretending its not yours as well, which no one will believe... So perhaps going to great lengths to keep your toys secret from someone you live with is important!  

  1. The garage - not its does not even sound pleasant but typically its very easy to hid a small shoe bag full of toyshere.
  2. Inside a stuffed animal is a creative way to keep toys hidden in plain site.  Or on a high self where folks wont like twice at it.
  3. Inside an old purse is an even easier way to use the same tactic, zip it up and leave it in a hallway closet or some low traffic place used by others in the home.
  4.  Always put your in something and in something again, socks in a shoe box for example.
  5. Purchase a special product designed just for hiding stuff. Examples include locked boxes and disguised objects (such as books) with secret hollowed-out cavities inside.
  6. Hide dildos and other oblong toys in inconspicuous sex toy sleeves.
  7. Put sex toys in a box for something inconspicuous and uninteresting, i.e. glasses cases, tampon boxes, shoe boxes.

These tips are also great if you’re traveling and want to keep your toys well-hidden in your luggage!

illustration of woman on bed in lingerie

Get Away With It: What To Do If Someone Sees Your Stuff

 So what if your choice for where to hide your sex toy isn’t quite good enough? What do you do if your worst nightmare comes true and your mother stumbles upon your sex toys? Don't be afraid to tell the truth, I like sex toys. No one will believe that it is a nifty back massager anymore. But if your going to try and throw them of course, use some of our tried-and-true explanations - they have been used for years!

Hiding Sex Toys
  • Come clean and explain frankly. “As you can see… My wife and I use sex toys.”
  • Embrace the fact. “I’m quite proud of my collection”
  • Diffuse awkward air with a joke. “I see you’ve found the party favors!”
  • Explain that the sex toys were birthday gifts from a more adventurous friend.
  • Chalk it up to curiosity. “I’ve been exploring sex toys. I got curious when I heard about how popular they actually are.”
  • You don’t really have to explain yourself! We’re all adults here. Just casually direct your guest’s attention to something else.

Keep Your Pleasures Private… Or Not!

Are your sex toys still carelessly stashed in your bedside drawer? Perhaps it’s time to relocate them to a more reliable spot! 

and Remember, always store your silicone toys after they have been washed and in a cool dry place and to hide your dildos so that they’re always prepped for use – but only by you or a partner, of course!