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The Thruster in the Media

The Thruster was featured at the 2018 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and recognized as one of the most innovative new sex toys to be shown.




The Thruster Debuted at Sex Expo NY 2017, as covered by Xbiz.Also featured in XBIZ review: Velvet Co. Makes Its Mark With New Thruster Collection.



Sex in Review published an Adult Entertainment Expo Roundup prominently featuring Velvet Cock and The Thruster.


Reviews by Adult Toy Critics

"It’s the difference between powder cocaine and crack. I get all of the heart-eyes-emoji feelings, but the effect takes place faster. [...] This handheld fucking machine is the closest any toy I’ve tried has come to feeling like intercourse. Sure, it’s not a human. It’s not the same as wrapping my legs around my boyfriend’s hips, but it’s pretty dang similar if I look into his eyes while using the Velvet Thruster Jackie." Review by Cy of Super Smash Cache
"True to it’s reputation, The Thruster is a fucking machine that doesn’t disappoint. [...]This was the closest thing anyone had created in comparison to a real dick. As a highly-sexed woman who needs numerous orgasms a day -I was excited. I give The Thruster 10 out of 5. Yep, it’s that good!" - Review By Vanessa de Largie of The Victress
“So how did the Thruster work? Really damn well! Granted, I've never used one of the heavy duty fucking machines, but Jackie replicated a thrusting penis incredibly well, with a relentless consistency unmatchable by a human.” - Review by Kat Stark of On the Wet Coast.
“When I pulled this toy out of the box I honestly didn't know what to think but I was impressed with the speeds it reaches, and general power. [...] Jackie's soft silicone and texturing feels great, and it's basically the perfect length and girth. Especially in combination with how much it extends when it thrusts.” Review by The Sex Fairy.

“In terms of orgasmic ability, I dig the Velvet Thrusters (specifically the Jackie). The thrusting speed range didn’t leave anything to be desired [...] It works and delivered the thrusting abilities it boasts. My G-spot was very pleased with its pacing and pressure.” - By Suz of Red Hot Suz.