The sky is truly the limit when it comes to dildo size. Some sex toy manufacturers take advantage of that limitlessness to make some really nice, thick big dildos, while others abuse it to make giant gag dildos that will never in a million years fit in anyone’s anything. Both kinds of dildos have their uses, though, and we'll certainly never reject one if it comes our way! This particular Velvet Thruster post is an ode to huge dildos and all the pleasure and hilarity that come with the territory.

6.5”: The Thruster

The Thruster extends for 3 inches of thrust at speeds of up to 140 thrusts per minute. It comes in a few varieties and the widest, , is 1.5” thick at the head. Six and a half inches is pretty standard for the usable length of the average dildo, and will be our point of comparison for the monstrosities further down this list.

6.8”: The King Cock Chubby Dildo

This big dildo’s length is nothing special, but its impressive circumference of 10 inches may just hit every erogenous zone it can reach. Girth play can be as exciting as length play. While some might find it uncomfortable, it depends entirely on your preferences!

11.75”: Belladonna’s Magic Hand Fisting Dildo

The Belladonna’s Magic Hand dildo gets away with its giant size because it isn’t actually penis-shaped. It’s shaped like a real hand for lovers of fisting! One practical reason to use this helping hand is that it’s quite a bit wider than a regular dildo, clocking in at 8.25 inches in circumference.

15”: King Cock

If you’re looking for a big dildo fit for practical use, the American-made King Cock is right up there. Not only is it long, it’s also super thick with a 10-inch girth!

17”: The LZYAA Horse Dildo

The LZYAA horse dildo (and any other horse dildo, for that matter) ranks pretty high on the list of long dildos. Regardless of whether or not you find horses attractive, a horse dildo will push the limits of what your anal or vaginal zones can handle. They’re definitely not for beginners, though!

3’: The Moby

The Moby is literally the largest retail dildo in the world at an impressive 3 feet tall. Great for bachelor parties, home décor and maybe elephant masturbation (not that you should ever, EVER try that at home), this big and expensive dildo would put all men in the world to shame if it were actually fit for use.

Size Isn’t Everything… Give Thrust A Try, Too!

A huge dildo certainly earns a lot of attention, but as with real penises, a dildo’s size isn’t everything. A lot depends on its shape, design, and, of course, on how you use it! At up to 140 thrusts per minute, even the average length of our 6.5” thruster will be the most intense experience you can get with a handheld dildo. Keep The Thruster in mind as you look for your next great sexual experience.