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High Tech Sex Toys

Velvet Thruster is an intense thrusting toy that delivers anal or vaginal orgasm to modern sex toy users. With its 3” of pleasurable penetration,10 speeds of powerful thrust, up to 140 strokes per minute, and down to earth affordable price, The Thruster is not only a deliberately satisfying toy but also a prime example of modern technology and pleasure product innovation. Designed by aerospace engineers using patented technology, this toy is inseparable from the science that made it possible.

abbey velvet thruster sex toy held in one hand

We hear 2 comments most when users pickup our Thruster products: 1.WOW 2. I was skeptical. Here at Velvet Thruster, we make magic happen by bringing together our passions for lifestyle and technology. Hopefully, as sex toys become more and more sophisticated, the adult pleasure products industry will become more mainstream and well-regarded. As innovators in the field of high tech sex toys, we can hardly stop geeking out about how much we love it when tech and toys meet. Read on to join us on an exploration of the smartest, most innovative sex toys to be found in today’s lifestyle market!

Sex Machines

Perhaps the most hardcore and often bizarre-looking subcategory of high tech sex toys is the sex machine, a niche/BDSM toy you’ll frequently find on kinky porn sites. These machines come in all shapes and sizes, from handheld sizes (that includes our Thrusters) to floor-mounted “sex machines” or even work bench-sized monstrosities that would be impossible to hide when your friends come over for dinner.

No matter the size of the sex machine, historically, the design is comprised of a steel rod and a dildo attachment which are mounted to a thrusting piston. When plugged in, these toys pump mechanically at a range of speeds, making a customized masturbation experience that closely mirrors the sensation of having sex. Of course, these machines are often capable of reaching inhuman speed. If you love getting ridiculously fast action, you’ll want to give a high tech sex machine toy a try at least once in your lifetime. It could change everything!

The Thruster

frankie velvet bending thruster

As great as most sex machines are in terms of speed and power, they’re often expensive and lack portability. A lot of pleasure with sex comes from positions and angles, not to mention the ability to share your experience with a partner or more. In designing The Thruster pleasure products, we created a handheld sex machine that is flexible. You can use it in various positions, including on your back, even hands-free if you like. The Thruster packs an amount of thrust and speed in a small body that’s cordless and comparable to floor-standing sex machines.

The following are some of the most innovative high tech features of our Thruster sex toys:

  • Thrusters are manufactured with some jet aircraft mechanics and materials
  • They are made using an AS9100 quality system
  • They are made from the highest quality body safe silicone
  • We are inventors of a new patented technology group for thrusting and flexibility
  • The Thruster has up to an 8-hour battery life and is rechargeable

Back of the Velvet Thruster high tech sex toy

These innovations all work together to make our Thrusters powerful, comfortable to use, and compact. Use them on your lonesome or with a partner and discover how a high tech sex toy can bring all-new heat to your bedroom!

Automatic Blowjob Machines

High tech sex toys aren’t all penetrating devices. There are sex toys made specifically for men, too! The most prominent of these is the automatic blowjob machine, such as the recently viral Autoblow. With ridged silicone and moving internal parts that work hard so you don’t need to, these male pleasure products take all the “job” away from a blowjob. No one has to do any work anymore!

Despite the intimidating capabilities of automatic blowjob devices, though, there’s no need for you to fear - even a high tech sex toy can’t beat a confident, all-natural blow job! We guarantee it.

App-Controlled Smart Toys

Some sex toys use technology to make for a more intense experience (i.e. they work harder), but other sex toys use technology to aid in more personalized masturbation (i.e. they work smarter).

Kegel Trainers

women body pleasure spot

One of the most interesting examples of this is pelvic trainers, AKA Kegel exercisers. While regular Kegel balls simply help to strengthen your pelvic floor to enhance sexual pleasure, “smart” Kegel balls will connect with an app on your smartphone to measure your progress over time. That removes a lot of the guesswork. If you haven’t experienced a vaginal orgasm in the past, try Kegel exercises.

Synced Toys For Long-Distance Couples

Another category of high tech sex toy that not only enhances masturbation but also works wonders for bringing people closer together is remote-controlled toys known as “teledildonics.” Control your partner’s dildo/vibrator/butt plug/fleshlight and let them control yours. Some toys can even be synced to corresponding matching toys so that sensations are mirrored for both users. Set up your vibrating dildo and have him get his connected fleshlight ready so that when he uses it, you can share the sexual experience.

Pleasure product brands such as Hong Kong’s Lovense and Amsterdam’s Kiiro are the leading innovators in the field of teledildonics. In today’s busy, globalized world, it can be impossible not to be away from your beloved partner sometimes. Keeping both of you satisfied with a pair of synced toys is a great way to overcome the distance, keep your love strong, and keep the flame alive!

Ergonomic Sex Toys For Female Anatomy

From the very beginning of sex toy history, women have been pretty well taken care of. Vibrators were the very first high tech sex toys, after all. Sex toys are in some ways more important for women than they are for men. For one, it’s normally harder for a woman to orgasm during sex.

Friends Of The Clitoris

clitoral stimulation presented in book

While simple stick vibrators are great for solo masturbation, they largely ignore the vagina and can be distracting to use during sex. Thankfully, female-friendly companies have introduced all manners of lady-pleasing high tech sex toys. Just look at the popular hands-free vibrators from women’s toy startups. These pleasure products are a great way to seamlessly incorporate clitoral stimulation into sex.


Friends Of The Vagina

cyclopaedia of anatomy

Of course, the pleasure from vaginal sex simply can’t be replaced by clitoral stimulation alone. Nothing can replace a good old-fashioned thrusting! For those times, either strap your partner down for a ride or get exactly what you want by using a powerful, high tech Thruster sex toy. Our heady Frankie model will bring out the most intense internal sensations, and our classic penis-shaped Jackie is just dying to become your new best bedtime friend.

We ladies have sure come a long way, from suffering sexual repression throughout the 1800s to being the masters of our physical pleasure in the 21st century!


Bring Your Sex Toy Collection Up To Date!

The ideal sex toy collection should be a combo of plain n’ simple crowd-pleasers (glass dildos, anyone?), your fave luxury sex toys, and powerful high-tech sex toys for when you want to get real frisky. In this modern age, we have access to all kinds of help when it comes to our sex lives! If you want a toy that works harder and smarter than regular pleasure products can, then try out some high tech sex toys. You use a smartphone, drive a smart car, and wear a smartwatch… So why not bring your sex toy collection up to date, too?

Playtime Is Over, Yet It’s Also Just Begun

Vibrators are now less distracting, more powerful, and more aesthetically appealing than ever. Advanced fleshlights now make male pleasure an always-accessible thing. Finally, sex machines, once impractical and niche, are now available in a reasonable, user-friendly size exemplified by our Thrusters. Now time to explore true adult fun.