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Sex toys are a great gift idea for those that enjoy serious self-care. They’re a great way to show a friend or special someone that you care, as well as a very meaningful way to propel your romantic relationship forward. That being said, one doesn’t simply just give a sex toy to someone, especially not to an uninitiated someone.

You want to be bold, but you also want them to know you mean well. That may seem impossible, but all it takes is a little extra thoughtfulness to deliver the right message! For discreet and thoughtful sex toy gifting this Christmas, use some of these tried-and-true tips by Velvet Co., the brains behind the Velvet Thruster.

Gifts For The Uninitiated

Sex toys are one of those “things” – you know, the ones that you’re into or you aren’t. Unfortunately, it can be hard to gauge if someone who doesn’t already have a sex toy collection would appreciate receiving a sex toy as a gift. But what if you want it to be a surprise? Could it be that dildos just don’t work as spontaneous gifts? We think not. Choose the right gift, broach the subject with grace and patience and you just might introduce a friend or partner to a new hobby they’ll enjoy.

Give A Softcore Sex Toy For Christmas

Some of the best sex toys aren’t toys per se, but bedroom aids. They don’t necessarily give pleasure directly, but instead make the pre-existing fun even more fun. The following toys make great gifts for someone who you know enjoys sex but isn’t necessarily into touchy feely toys… Yet.

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  • A sexy board game to give the reins to fate;
  • Sex dice so they never feel indecisive in the bedroom;
  • A sexy outfit to wear around the house, or to bedtime;
  • An erotic novel or story collection to enjoy at their leisure;
  • Erotic massage oil to vary up bedroom sensations;
  • Luxury lube to elevate their experience of regular intercourse.

What these Christmas sex toy gift ideas have in common is that it’s up to your gift recipient to interpret how and when to use them. They can use their massage oil for a slow and sensuous or intense and adventurous massage. They can tuck their sexy outfit into the far corner of the closet until a lucky someone’s birthday. Your softcore gift is merely an invitation to explore, with no hint of forcefulness.

Let Them Choose Their Own Adventure

If you’d like to treat someone to a pleasurable  sex toy this Christmas but don’t trust your own judgment, you can put the deciding power in their hands with a gift card. Check if your local sex shop or favorite online sex shop has a cute gift card you can give. That way, they can be bold and  gift themselves their first dildo OR buy some cute lingerie, depending on how curious they’re feeling.

The right fit is so important - if you’ve seen our range of four very unique thrusting dildos, you’ll know just how much we care about ensuring the right fit for everyone. Literally.

Communicate Your Intentions Clearly

Depending on how you frame it, your sex toy gift could come across as either extremely thoughtful or very out of the blue. To make sure your present gives off the best vibes only, you may want to explain why you’re giving your pal or partner a sex toy for Christmas. You can give your spiel in person, or you can write it in the card that comes with the gift. Some great explanations to give with your gift include:

  • For a partner: Explain that the toy is for both of you to enjoy over the holidays;
  • For a close friend: Make sure they know the important part that your own toy collection plays in your life. Tell them that you’re super honored to present them with their first toy!

Testing out a sex toy with a partner this Christmas is an amazing way to deepen your relationship in time for the new year. If your partner is a first-time sex toy user, though, make sure to keep their comfort levels in mind when giving your gift. There’s no bigger turn-off than excessive pushiness.

Gifts For The Well-Initiated

If you’re shopping for someone who’s already pretty familiar with the world of sex toys, then you have significantly more wriggle room when choosing what dildo or other sexy gift to give them. For this most magical gift-giving season of the year, we recommend giving premium toys as gifts. These high-quality, designer products are more memorable and more enjoyable to use. They also show that when it comes to matters of intimacy, you’re nothing less than a perfectionist.

Give The Dildo Of Their Dreams

The Teddy is a realistically-shaped thrusting dildo.

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, but everyone has a type that fits their tastes best. Choosing the perfect dildo can feel like matchmaking, and it kind of is! The perfect Christmas sex toy perfectly balances newness and dependability. You want something that delivers satisfying orgasms all the time while also introducing new sensations. For those who love to push boundaries, Velvet Thruster offers a line of thrusting dildos that ranges from the true-to-life Jackie to the glamorous and discreet Abbey. We’ve got something for every thrust-lover, no matter what kind of shape they enjoy.

Splurge On Gift Sets

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If you and your partner share an interest in sex toys, then one toy may not be enough for your sexcapades this holiday season. If you find yourself in that situation, consider giving a Christmas sex toy gift set instead! There are plenty of gift set options available on the market for any taste or budget. If you’ve yet to make a foray into BDSM, there are lots of great beginner sets for that kind of exploration. For the very picky or very deserving person in your life, you can even put together a personalized box full of toys and accessories catered to their personal tastes.

Give The Gift Of A Premium Thrusting Dildo

The end of the year is a great time to snuggle up in bed, enjoy some hot drinks, and create some heat in the covers. We don’t blame you one bit for having the great idea of surprising someone with an awesome sex toy this Christmas! It’s time to reward your special someone for everything they’ve done this year. Sate the most insatiable of sexual appetites with our line of premium Thrusters.