Most of us start simple when we begin using sex toys – we semi-jokingly test the waters with a bullet vibrator disguised as a lipstick, or we try out a discreet cock ring with our partner. To the adventurous and fun-seeking, though, that initial taste can feel so enticing that at a certain point the dam breaks and we absolutely must try everything! It’s a good thing there is such a large variety of sex toys out there to explore.

What Are The Best Sex Toys out There?

Eventually, all sex toy enthusiasts reach the top of the toy hierarchy and discover the holy grail: premium toys. These are the toys that lifestyle bloggers blog about and celebrities rave about. They’re the items that innovate the science of pleasure and turn more and more people on to adult toys with all the joy they can bring.

So what exactly makes a premium sex toy, anyway? There’s a general sense of quality, both in materials and engineering. But there are a lot of other factors that make for a premium toy.

1. Premium Toys are Body Safe

couple feet in bed

For something that interacts so intimately with our bodies, most sex toys simply don’t get the regulation that they should be getting. Consider, for instance, silicone toys. Pure silicone is totally body safe, but not all toys that are labeled as such are pure silicone. Many lower-quality toys are actually silicone blends, which can melt, collect bacteria, and may contain phthalates.

There are tests that you can do to find out if a certain material is body-safe (test the purity of silicone by seeing if it melts when put in contact with silicone lube - it shouldn’t), but that sure puts a lot of responsibility on you as a consumer! Premium sex toys, on the other hand, strictly adhere to body-safe materials, taking the guesswork out of sex toy safety. Do your research and read reviews to find out which toys can actually be considered premium!

2. They’re Positively Orgasmic!

using orange to understand human anatomy

Sex is more than a game of “let’s see how fast we can orgasm,” but that doesn't mean that amazing climaxes aren’t a big goal! Premium toys have your best interests in mind and tend to be conducive to better, bigger orgasms. They exhibit an understanding of human anatomy, tickling your prostate, clitoris or g-spot to give you the perfect finish, your way.

In addition to giving the average Joe or Jane stronger orgasms, premium dildos and other toys also make it possible for those who normally have trouble climaxing to achieve orgasm during sex! The playing field is more level than it’s ever been, thanks to premium toys.

3. They’re Made From Luxury Materials

>Not only are premium materials safe to use, but they also have a luxury feel. This generally means one of two things – that the material is either luxurious to the touch or intrinsically valuable and indulgent. In the first category, there’s medical-grade silicone and other lifelike textures, while in the second category there are toys with intrinsically valuable precious materials that make us positively ogle. Think gold plated toys, butt plugs sprouting tails made from real animal hair, and diamond-encrusted BDSM gear. If you get turned on by the finer things in life (and many people do), then luxury premium sex toys are the way to go!

4. They’re Often Pretty High-Tech.

Most areas of our lives are shaped by modern technology, and our sex lives have become no different. Adult brands have found ways to incorporate technology into their toys. Keep an eye out for products featuring these tech-savvy perks:

  • They’re ergonomic and less distracting to use. Many premium sex toys are designed to be smaller and more form-fitting, minimizing the chances of you and your partner falling into a giggling fit when a toy falls off or otherwise becomes distracting to use. Some premium vibrators, for example, will elegantly clasp to your fingers, penis or vagina for a fit that doesn’t require a grip with your hands.
  • They pack more power in a smaller body. While some adults may be incorrigible power tool sex toy users, most people prefer smaller and more efficient designs, especially for their most powerful sex toys. Our premium dildos, for instance, fall into this category, delivering powerful thrust generally only found in floor-mounted sex machines.
  • They link up with your gadgets. We use our smartphones for everything, so why not use them to control our sex toys? From kegel pelvic floor exercisers that track your progress to smart toys that can synchronize with your partner’s, there are so many nifty premium sex toys out there that are unique to the digital age.

5. They’re Not Your Average Gag Gifts

sex gag gifts

Peek into ANY mainstream sex toy shop and you’ll find your senses assaulted by shelves full of hot pink “sex toys” that are better suited for bachelorette party settings than actual use. That’s because a large part of the adult population still considers sex toys to be a gag item (even though A LOT of people actually do use them for pleasure nowadays!).

The sex toy industry has caught onto the market’s demand for gag sex toys, and many brands will release oddities that aren’t exactly pleasant or safe to use. Premium sex toys, on the other hand, are never intended as gag items. They’re the real deal! Premium toy companies take their products very seriously and intend them for actual use. They will typically advertise them as such and never make their toys look more cute or fancy at the expense of quality.

6. They Look Like Art

abbey velvet thruster sex toy held in one hand

While there are lots of cute gag toys that won’t deliver, there are a plenty of beautiful premium sex toys that will! Some toys out there are positively artsy at no expense to their functional abilities.

Vibrators, for example, don’t have to be any shape in particular, so they can really look like anything. From fun shapes to elegant abstract sculptures that might as well be works of art, there are all sorts of fun aesthetics to explore out there.

jackie velvet thruster sex toy

We’ve also created premium toys in a variety of shapes. These premium thrusting dildos are out retro model, Abbey, and realistic model, Jackie.

7. They Can Be Quite Pricey

It would be impossible to talk about premium sex toys without mentioning their price. Sex toys are more of a luxury item than a necessity, so it’s totally understandable if you want to keep your toy budget to a minimum. If that’s the case for you, we recommend that rather than go for the cheapest toys, you save money by choosing only the toys that you’ll love.

Cheaper toys are often not quite so pleasurable to use, and will often break before their time. On the other hand, premium sex toys are investments. It’s the high-quality toys that will have you going back for more – not the cheap toys that happened to be on sale!

8. They Last A Long Time

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In general, premium toys will last you quite a long time. The combination of high-quality materials and careful engineering means that they should last you as long as other devices – say, a back massager – might. Going back to the silicone example, just think about how fast you’d toss out a melted or deformed toy made from a silicone blend! Premium silicone, on the other hand, can take the heat as well as an intense bashing (or fifty).

Certain categories of premium sex toys, such as furniture, can even last you a lifetime if maintained properly. These are the kinds of toys that couples will save up for to enjoy long-term.

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