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From penetration to clitoral play to anal play, the options are nearly endless for lesbian couples. Quickies and marathon sessions alike are possible: thanks to the unique anatomy of women (or anyone with a vagina), lesbian play can go on and on with no interruptions necessary, even after orgasm. This fact has always given lesbian sex a mystical status in the eyes of heterosexual couples.

Sex toys are integral to many lesbian couples’ sex lives. They can both simplify and intensify the way you please yourself and your partner. For those who love being fulfilled internally, toys expand the options for penetration waaay beyond your fingers. For those who love clitoral play, toys take the pressure out of your tongue and free your mouth up for kissing.

As creators of the unisex, inclusive Thruster, we thought that it was about time we turned the Velvet Thruster blog spotlight onto the most effective sex toys that lesbian couples can use. We’ll focus primarily on penetrative and clitoral toys that can be used in comfortable and pleasurable sex positions. For tips on choosing and using anal toys, explore this post as well.

Clitoral Toys

Anyone who’s ever experienced clitoral stimulation and orgasm knows that such things definitely AREN’T overrated. For 10/10 clitoral play during sex, we recommend the following toys.

1. Finger Vibes

For those in lesbian relationships, the fingers are the original sex toy. If you’re looking to add oomph to your finger play, consider trying a finger vibe, of which there are plenty available on the market today. These vibrators generally slip on or around the fingers and basically give your digits extra vibrating capacity. Some of these lesbian-appropriate sex toys come with ridges attached for rougher clitoral stimulation, so look for those if a smooth texture just doesn’t cut out!

2. Hands-Free Vibes

Finger vibes attach to the finger for ergonomic use, but there are also vibrators on the market that attach directly to your naughty bits, themselves. Our favorites are c-shaped vibrators, which clamp around the front wall of your vagina, and vibrators with wings that tuck under the labia. These unintrusive vibes can be used while fingering or penetrating with a strap-on.

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3. Waterproof Vibes

Bath and shower sex are lovely, but oral sex is notoriously difficult to perform underwater. When getting wet n’ wild, waterproof vibrators are indispensable sex toys for lesbian couples to have. We recommend you find one that is easy to grip, premium and beautiful enough to make you never want to forget it when you’re heading into the shower.

Penetrative Toys

1. Finger Vibes

That’s right, finger vibes are getting another mention. Some varieties of finger vibrators cover the fingers and are dildo-like in their design, perfect if you’re looking to hit those interior erogenous zones (such as the g-spot). These finger vibes also have the benefit of covering up long nails, if you have them, so that they don’t get in the way of giving pleasure with your fingers.

2. Strap-On With Harness

Not all lesbian couples enjoy the thrust element, but for those who do, there are beautiful and easy-to-use strap-ons available. These lesbian sex toys add a whole new dimension of sex, including the power dynamics unique to thrust play. Choose between leather and cloth harnesses depending on whether you want a tighter or more relaxed fit. Not all strap-ons attach at the crotch either – we highly recommend you try a thigh harness, which puts you and your partner at the ideal position for a make-out sesh during penetration!

3. Strapless Strap-On

Strapless strap-ons are an ingenious invention and some of the most exciting sex toys for lesbian couples out there. With a girthy bulb for the wearer and a dildo end for the other partner, these toys allow both parties to sync up their pleasure. Some models have vibration capabilities, too, so look out for those if you’re positively addicted to vibration.

4. Massager Wands

Traditional dildos are great, but there are many downsides. For one, they’re obviously phallic, and not all of us find penises loveable. They’re also clunky, making delicate internal maneuvering difficult. If these characteristics are turn-offs for you, you have the option of shopping for a beautiful curved internal wand, which can gently stroke all of your internal erogenous zones with ease.

We recommend wood, metal and ceramic massager sex toys for body-safe lesbian fun. Many massagers can be dual-purposed for anal and vaginal use, too, but make sure to properly sanitize if you’re planning on doing so!

5. Sex Machines

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For those of you that love thrust – particularly the hardcore kind – sex machines can bring the extra power you need to turn your sex bed into a sex dungeon. Our vibrating Thrusters, capable of delivering up to 140 thrusts per minute, make great alternatives or supplements to traditional strap-on sex. Thanks to their out-of-this-world power, they give the penetrated party the feeling of utter submission.

Many couples including lesbian couples incorporate our sex toys into their bedroom routine, breaking the “routine” aspect of sex. We especially love stories about how people have gifted them to their partners to use while they’re away – Thruster play makes for great “wish you were here” videos, if you know what we mean!

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Try The Thruster Of Your Dreams

There’s a time for gentle lovemaking, and there’s a time for hardcore screaming O’s with help from toys such as our Thruster. Insatiable lesbian couples have many options for their sex toy wish lists thanks to all of the options we have available: there’s the phallic Jackie, bulbous Frankie, retro Abbey, and anal-loving Walter.

We’re constantly working on improving our toys, and that means being as inclusive as possible – we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing! View the collection today to discover the Thruster that was made to please you.