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If you’ve seen our Thruster collection, you already know how kinky we like to be in the bedroom. Dominant & submissive play, or D/s play, is one of our favorite frameworks for getting naughty with toys. By giving one partner all the power and making the other one submit, D/s play gives you a place to realize all those lusty cop/baddie, professor/student dynamics that you’ve always dreamed about.

Are you and your partner curious about D/s play? A great way to begin your exploration by shopping for both basic and hardcore power sex toys to help introduce new sensations. We hope this tantalizing guide to toys gives you a launch pad for your search!

The Perks Of Dominant & Submissive Play

There are lots of ways in which D/s experimentation can benefit people in a relationship. For one, it’s lots of fun. It’s a great way to add newness and excitement into the everyday! Also, it gives partners a space to get more intimate. You’d be surprised at how much stronger a relationship can become when you work on communication and fantasy fulfillment together.

There are many more reasons to introduce D/s toys to the bedroom! You get more exercise, a dopamine boost, satisfying orgasms (power sex toys will help with that) and a fun new story to tell –assuming you’ve got friends with shared interests.

Choosing The Right Toys

The best sex toys for dominant & submissive play are those that are pain-inducing or that give most or all of the power to one partner in particular. Some examples include sensory deprivation toys, impact toys, and restraint toys, all of which can be combined to customize the experience. Whether you and your partner prefer gentle teasing or tinges of pain, penetration or external play, there are plenty of D/s toys for you.

While power sex toys are great, some of the best toys for power dynamic play aren’t even “toys” – things like bejeweled collars, skin-tight vinyl clothing, and a good imagination are invaluable for bedroom power play.

Best Toys For Testing The Waters

Is your ultimate goal to have a crazy sex life that feels ripped straight from the pages of naughty erotica? Sure, you could surprise your kinky partner with an intimidating sex machine right off the bat, but it might be better to start slow so that you get used to the uneven power dynamic. Consent is always key: whether you’re beginning with power sex toys or a simple gag ball, it’s extremely important for you to have a conversation with your partner first to determine what you’re both comfortable with. Shopping for toys together is a great way to get that conversation started. Here are a few great beginner toys:

1. Blindfolds

A blindfold is an inconspicuous and inexpensive way for you and your partner to warm up to the idea of “getting a little help” during sex. The sub wears the blindfold, making every sensation much more unexpected. You don’t have to keep it on the whole time. Feel free to take it off when things elevate and eyesight becomes necessary – for example, when a hardcore Thruster enters the mix.

2. Wand Vibrators

Intense wand vibrators such as the Hitachi Magic Wand are must-have basic multifunctional toys. The more power the sex toy has, the better. Most wand vibrators come with multiple speeds. Begin with a gentle vibration for teasing, then work up to the highest setting to force orgasms. Use it alone or keep it in place with a wand holder belt for unexpected orgasms that can’t and won’t stop.

3. Plugs n’ Stuff

Anal play introduces an element of vulnerability and control that no other kind of play can. People of all genders can enjoy it with help from a butt plug or dildo. It’s especially tantalizing when the Dominant inserts the plug into the submissive or orders them to do so. A beautiful, bejeweled plug makes a great signature sex toy for the submissive in the relationship.

4. Bondage Tape

D/s play often involves intimidating restraints such as spreader bars, suspension equipment, rope, and handcuffs. These sex toys have the power to send anyone over the edge, but they take experience and care to use safely. PVC-based bondage tape is a great alternative to use if you don’t yet feel ready for those. It’s easy to secure and easy to cut away, should the need arise.

5. Bondage Kits

More people are curious about BDSM than you might think. To meet this need, lots of kinky sex toy retailers have basic, beginner-friendly bondage toy kits available. Some typical things you’ll find in such kits are blindfolds, feather ticklers, handcuffs, small floggers or paddles, a ball gag, and nipple clamps.

Advanced Power Sex Machines For Your Bucket List

It’s always a good idea to “begin with the end in mind,” when it comes to sex toys, too. What do you ultimately want out of your dominant & submissive sex toy play? Pain mixed with pleasure? The Perfect Orgasm? A collection of luxury toys that make you both feel like royalty? The toys listed below are must-tries for thrill-seekers.

1. Sex Machines/Thrusting Dildos

The Sammie is a Lilac, handheld thrusting dildo.

Sex machines and portable thrusting dildos are must-haves for those that love anal or vaginal thrust. Machine-powered sex toys such as The Thruster have lots of power and more stamina than you or me, making them the holy grail for people who like to give or receive forced orgasms.

2. Electrosex Toys

Electrosex toys are an alternative pain tool that transcends the ordinary. From dildos to whips to vibrators, virtually every kind of toy is available in an electric shock version. Make sure to research this category of toy extensively before use to stay safe!

3. Penis Cages/Chastity Belts

The idea of ownership is central to D/s play, in which the Dominant restrains the submissive as they see fit. Penis cages and chastity belts are great if you like to bring the drama to your daily life. Use them to keep a grip on each other’s members even outside the bedroom.

Shop The Ultimate Power Play Sex Toy

D/s play is about more than just physical exploration through new positions and toys – it’s also quite the bonding experience! It’s time to grab your partner and shop dominant & submissive sex toys together. If thrust is something that you look for, then make sure to browse our collection! There’s The Walter for lovers of anal, while there’s The Jackie for those that prefer a natural feel.

We offer discreet shipping on all our toys so that your purchase stays private. Add Thrusters to your wishlist today.


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