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In order to have a healthy relationship with sex and sex toys, you need to know which “facts” about sex toys are actual facts and which are myths. When used correctly, sex toys can completely transform your experience with sex. If used incorrectly, though, a trip to the doctor’s office or worse, the ER, could very well be in order. Sex toys go to very intimate places, after all! Here, we will demystify some sex toy taboos and elaborate on some safety concerns.

1. Shared Sex Toys Can Transmit STIs– Fact!

Let’s get the most serious fact about sex toys out of the way first. When it comes to sex toy use, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety. Sharing sex toys can be a very hot experience and you can definitely do so without reservations as long as you’ve all been regularly tested. If you’re unsure, though, you’ll want to take certain precautions before sharing.

We all know that STIs, such as HIV and HPV, can be transmitted through bodily fluids, but do you know just how persistent viruses can be? Many people believe that a good washing will remove all traces of a virus. This is not the case. A 2014 study showed that HPV did not disappear from sex toy samples immediately after washing, but rather remained until about 24 hours later! Your best bet is to wash your sex toys according to enclosed instructions and let them sit for about 24 hours before someone else uses them. Or, slip a condom on it! Keep this fact about sex toys in mind no matter how frisky things get!

2. Straight Men Can’t Enjoy Anal Stimulation – Myth!

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Dear society: it’s time to repeal any billion-year-old beliefs that straight men shouldn’t enjoy some good anal stimulation. Modern phobic stereotypes say that anal pleasure is exclusive to gay men, but the reality is that no matter what a man’s sexual orientation is, anatomy is anatomy. Not only is the prostate a hot spot for arousal, but all those nerve endings in the anus are also just waiting to be pleased.

There’s nothing “gay” about anal sex toys – that’s a fact! The truth is, anyone of any sexual orientation can enjoy anal stimulation. There’s nothing hotter than letting your partner insert a toy in there as you writhe with pleasure. And after you’ve worked your way up the anal ladder with some butt plugs and beads, you’ll be ready to try our holy grail of thrusting anal dildos – Walter.

3. Sex Toys Are For Single People Only – Myth!

Here’s another belief about sex toys that is NOT a fact. Porn usually shows women playing with a toy on her own, which can lead people to believe that sex toys are primarily for solo use. In fact, toys are also good for couples! They allow for more intense stimulation, or different kinds of stimulation, and have the potential to add limitless heat to the bedroom while extending the fun time in bed for everyone. Toys are a good way to help orgasm during sex.  And as a result, many relationships have been drastically improved by the additional intimacy of of a vibrator, dildo or cock ring.

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According to a poll by Adam & Eve, married women are more than twice as likely to use a vibrator than a single woman. More likely than not, their vibrators are helping their marriages stay strong. And who can blame couples that use sex toys? With toys, every couple can get a multifaceted intimate experience. Has your partner always dreamed of double penetration? The Jackie is the perfect sex toy to help satisfy that craving.

4. Sex Toys Will Make Your Partner Bored Of You – Myth!

Another fear about sex toys that isn’t a fact is that they can make your partner get bored of you. You may ask, how can I compete with a rabbit vibrator or vibrating fleshlight? In reality, sexual exploration with toys can increase your sex drive and understanding of your own body. That inevitably translates to more sex, more orgasms, and more confidence during sex! As long as you and your partner’s focus remains on each other, exploring toys together can only heighten your sense of excitement and intimacy. And what more can loving partners ask for but to share a healthy sex life together?

5. Improvised Sex Toys Can Be Dangerous – Fact!

Another thing that’s all too common in porn, and even encouraged by some outlets (shame on you, Cosmo) is improvised sex toys, such as bananas, electric toothbrushes, and vibrating smartphones. Make sure to heed this fact about sex toys: improvised toys can be dangerous! Common household items, especially those made from porous materials, are a breeding ground for bacteria that you don’t want inside you.

To make sure that you’re prepared when the urge comes (the urge WILL come) and don’t have to resort to improvised toys, just go out and buy a safe sex toy built specifically for pleasure purposes with body-safe silicone.

Sex Toys Make For Better Sex – We’d Say So!

The body is capable of such a wide range of sensation, and sex toys can help you get places you never could before. That kind of self-love and self-sufficiency is something to be proud of, not ashamed of if you ask us! Hopefully, these facts about sex toys have demystified a few things for you. Check out some of the cutting-edge sex toys available today.

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