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The Thruster - Frequently Asked Questions


Just How Big is It?

The Thruster is available in 4 models each have an insertable length of 6 ½ inches long, the total toy length is 10.9”. Find precise dimensions on each product page for the varying widths associated with each sex toy model.

Does The Thruster Vibrate?

Yes, especially at the tip. It does not have a motor specifically to create these vibrations, the mechanical drive for creating the thrusting motion oscillates inside to generate this vibration. It is not controlled separately.

What is The Thruster Made Of?

The Thruster is made from body-safe platinum cure silicone, a medical grade material. It is compatible with hybrid and water-based lubricants.

What is Included With The Thruster?

The Thruster comes with a storage box and magnetic charger with a 6-foot cord that will plug into a standard 110v outlet.


How Do I Change Speeds?

Push the button at the end of the base to switch between 10 adjustable speeds up to 140 strokes per minute. The color-changing lighted keypad will indicate the current speed. After a while, you’ll know what color is your favorite for thoughtless effort while in play.

How Do I Close it to The Storage Position or Extended for Cleaning?

When you press the power button, the toy will automatically shut off after 3 seconds. If you want to stop the Thruster in a specific position, either all the way open for cleaning or all the way closed to tuck away, you can push the power button a second time within those 3 seconds to stop it wherever you like. Practice at low speed first to get the feel.

How Long Does The Thruster Last Between Charges?

From a full charge, The Thruster will last for up to 8 hours. The toy uses more battery energy when it is being flexed and bent, reducing battery life faster.

Can I take The Thruster With me Into Water?

Unfortunately, no. While The Thruster is water resistant for cleaning, it is not safe to completely submerge.

What Lubricant Do You Recommend?

We advise that you use a water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricants and gels should not be used with silicone products because it will leave residue and become difficult to clean.

How Should I Clean The Thruster?

Use the controls to bring The Thruster to a stop while it is fully extended for best cleaning results. The Thruster is easy to wash with soap or sex toy cleaning fluid. Wash the silicone toy end with warm water and soap, do not get water directly in the vent holes. Those 2 vents eject air from being trapped while the toy is in motion. We recommend cleaning your Thruster every time you use it.

How Should I Store The Thruster?

Store The Thruster in a dry and secure place. Halt the thrusting motion of The Thruster while it is retracted for the most compact and easy storage.


Will The Thruster Be Shipped Discreetly?

All shipments are delivered discreetly in a plain white cardboard box measuring 14” x 4” x 4”. The shipper will be identified as Velvet Co, this is also the name that will be on credit card statements.

Where Do You Deliver?

Velvet Cock is currently shipping International.  This option requires you use Paypal at Checkout, as we are unable to process foreign credit cards directly.  Shipping is averaging 1-2 weeks for Canada and Mexico and 2-3 weeks for all other International destinations. 

What Are My Shipping Options?

We offer Free Shipping with the United States Postal Service using Priority delivery for 2-3 days service. A tracking number will be emailed once your order has been completed.

How Long Will My Order Take to be Processed?

All orders are processed same-day Monday through Friday. Orders received over the weekend are processed during our next business day.

What Forms of Payment Do you Accept?

All major credit cards are accepted.


What Does the Tip-to-Tail Warranty Cover?

Our warranty covers damaged and defective products. Any defective product will be replaced within 1 year from the date of purchase. Please see our warranty page for more.

How Can I make a Return?

Velvet Cock sex toy products are intimate adult toys and we do not accept any products returns.

How Do I Get a Replacement or Exchange?

Velvet Cock will replace items if they are defective or damaged within the first year from the date of purchase. In that case, send us an email at and send your item to: PO Box 60752, San Diego California US 92166.

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Absolutely. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details.

How can I make a Wholesale Order?

Email us at to inquire about wholesale orders.