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Sex and pleasure are for everyone who wants them, no matter their shape or size. If you’ve shopped for sex toys before and don’t have a “standard” build, though, you may have already realized that not all mainstream sex toys were designed for plus size use. The lingerie doesn’t fit, the toys don’t fit, and the advertised positions are next to impossible. Many labels don’t even test their products on real people, so it’s no wonder why this happens!

If mainstream products have failed you, don’t give up yet. We suggest you broaden your search and find body-positive options to fill your toy box with. It’s the 21st century and there are plenty of manufacturers that make toys for all body types - you just need to know what to look for. Read this post to find out what makes a sex toy plus size!

1. It’s Made By An Inclusive, Responsible Company

A good sex toy company has more than profit on its mind. As a sex toy user, try to find stores that are committed to a responsible and inclusive business. Ask these questions about the brand you’re looking at:

  • Are people of various ethnicities and body types represented in the advertising (if any)?
  • Did this company hire testers to ensure the quality of these toys?
  • Does their clothing come in a wide range of sizes?
  • What do plus size reviewers say about the brand’s dildos and other toys?
  • Does the company improve their products to better suit customer needs?

The average American is full-figured, and sex toys brands should be well aware of that fact. Why don’t all sex toy shops stock items for plus size adults, then? If they don’t think sex is for everyone, the joke is clearly on them.

2. It Helps You Get Into Position (Sex Furniture/Position Aids)

At its most intense, sex is part aerobics, part hot yoga. This can be a workout for anyone, but it can be more challenging for some based on their shape. Sex furniture does wonders not just for plus size sex toy users, but for all users. Movement- and balance-intensive positions such as doggy style, cowgirl and oral become easier with toys such as:

  • Sex wedges and cushions

    , which prop your bottom up at just the right height. Also great for getting in the right position to receive oral;
  • Sex chairs/sofas

    , which are made at an ideal height and curve for common sex positions;
  • Doggie style straps

    , which allow the person in the back to lift their partner’s rump for easier access and less work for both;
  • Sex toy mounts

    , which hold your toy in place so that you can ride it with minimal movement. Great for solo plus size sex toy users!

bedroom bed

If you want easier sex but don’t want to shell out the bucks for sex furniture, then simply use pillows to wedge your toys into place. This works very well with our Thrusters – just lay on your back and use pillows to hold the thrusting dildo in place in a wonderful plus size-friendly position.

3. It Can Navigate A Plus-Size Nether Region (Vibrators)

Depending on your body type, you will have bigger fat reserves at different locations on your body. That includes the labia! For some women, the outer labia completely hides the clitoris from view.

Unfortunately, not all sex toys can navigate plus size vaginas. Vibrating penis rings, vibrating panties, and broad vibrators are all vibrators that don’t get in deep enough. With these vibrators, both hands generally have to be in play: one to hold the vibrator, and one to spread the labia. That leaves you with no hands to do anything else, unless you’ve got a partner involved. No fun! Instead, look for vibrators that will stay in place without help. Look for:

  • Narrow bullet vibrators

    that stay in place between the labia during play;
  • C-shaped vibrators

    that curve around the front of the vagina, staying in place while stimulating both the g-spot and clitoris.

Narrow bullet vibrator

Though vibrators are relatively simple, they’re still a sex toy that plus size users must make an additional effort to get right. Find the right fit and your labia won’t get in the way again!

4. It Helps With The Reach Problem (Plus Size Dildos)

Reachability is another issue that many people encounter when trying sex toys. To pleasure yourself with a dildo (and especially if you want to mimic the feeling of thrust), you must be able to reach the base to hold it in place and navigate controls. If you’ve got a rounder middle or shorter arms, then this can be a problem. Get around this problem by looking for the following dildos when you shop:

  • Remote control vibrating dildos

    that you don’t have to keep a grip on;
  • Suction dildos

    that attach to a hard surface and allow you to ride hands-free;
  • Dildos with longer or curved handles

    ,allowing a firm grip;
  • Floor-Mounted Sex Machines

    will deliver powerful, reliable thrust in almost any position. A great toy for hardcore plus size sex toy enthusiasts;
  • Thrusting dildos which have slightly less power than sex machines but come in a much more pleasing shape akin to a traditional dildo.

The Thruster

frankie velvet thruster packagingWe designed our Thrusters to be a happy medium between powerful sex machines and portable thrusting dildos for a satisfying modern toy that all can adapt to their needs. With a length of 6.5”, a girth of 1.5” at the tip, and a thrust of 3” at up to 140 strokes per minute, our toy delivers strong sensations and takes the pressure of thrust away from you, the user. It’s also got a substantial base that will keep it in place if you try to ride it!

Try our plus size friendly dildo on its own or use it in conjunction with sex toy mounting furniture to explore a whole range of comfortable positions that won’t strain the body.

Shop Our Innovative Toy, The Thruster!

It’s time to revamp your sex toy collection with toys that were actually designed for you! Get creative with furniture and toys to create a sex dungeon that is uniquely you. If you’re looking for something intense, there are tons of ways to fulfill your needs and desires with our Thruster, a versatile sex toy perfect for plus size adults and any other adult with a hunger for the hardcore. View the collection to find the one that will satisfy you!