Different Types of Sex Toys

There are so many different types of sex toys. The two most commonly bought sex toys for those who prefer vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation, are vibrators and dildos. Each work to create different kinds of pleasurable stimulation.

Normally you might have to choose between these sensations, but new, emerging categories of sex toy are on the rise, combinations that vibrate and penetrate, even automatically. Learn more about how these types of sex toy work from the creators of The Thruster, a revolutionary thrusting, vibrating dildo.

Discover if you should stick to the tried and true vibrating toy or should you attempt a thrusting toy? Read on to learn about how different types of sex toys work, and how to listen to your body to determine what will work best for you.

The Mechanics

When it comes to sex toys, you should know the machines that you use inside and out. Both thrusting and vibrating sex toys are made based on very simple principles of design. Major pleasure can come from something totally uncomplex.

Vibrating Toys

vibrating sex toys

Vibrators come in all sorts of intensities and materials, so it always takes some trial and error to find the perfect one for you. Inside, though, they’re pretty much all the same. They’re powered by eccentric rotating mass vibration motors, which are just motors that wobble. The more wobble, the more vibration!

Thrusting Toys

Thrusting toys are meant to emulate the sensation of a thrusting penis. Different types of thrusting sex toys use different technologies to produce “thrust,” but Velvet Thruster has patented technology used for the first time in a thrusting sex toy. 3 inches of thrust make our Thrusters the most formidable handheld thrusting vibrator dildos available today.

frankie bending velvet thrusterfrankie bending velvet thruster

Why They Feel So Good

Because of their different ways of interacting with your body, thrusting and vibrating sex toys feel good for different reasons.

Vibrating Toys

Vibrators, whether used on the penis, clitoris, or vulva, stimulate nerves hidden way deep underneath the skin, releasing far more endorphins than other forms of touching. That means not only are vibrating toys great for orgasms, but they’re also ultra-conducive to happiness!

Thrusting Toys

For thrusting sex toys it is more obvious: they feel good because not only do they imitate the feeling of real sex, hitting those deep spots, but they are also tireless, more “thrusty”, and faster than your average sex partner! For as long as you can play, it can play with you.

Different Types of Thrusting and Vibrating Sex Toys

There are many different types of thrusting and vibrating sex toys available on the market. To experience the range of sensations available to you, try experimenting with various kinds in each category.

Vibrating Toys

  • Bullet vibrators: the smallest women’s toy and the best way to a quick n’ easy orgasm.
  • Vibrating butt plugs/dildos: vibration in the anus activates all those oft-neglected nerves deep in your butt. You’ll be amazed at how good this feels.
  • Vibrating dildos: the vagina is much less sensitive to vibrations than the vulva or clitoris. Ladies, make sure to get a vibrating dildo with bunny ears or an anal attachment included for best results!

Thrusting Toys

  • Dildos: there are some dildos on the market capable of thrust, mimicking a real penis. Compared to regular dildos, they’re a completely different type of sex toy in that they’re often completely hands-free! Just lay back and enjoy.

Toys That Thrust and Vibrate

  • Thrusting vibrator dildos: the Velvet Thruster provides 3 inches of thrust, intense vibration (especially at the tip) and a flexible shaft. They encompass all the power of a floor-standing sex machine without the bulk. There’s nothing like it anywhere on the market.

Which One Is Right For You?

Now that you know the difference between these two different types of sex toys, you’re ready to answer the most important question: which one is right for you? The world of sex toys is one that requires a lot of experimentation and trial-and-error, so no matter where you choose to start, it’s best to keep your horizons open for new toys to try. The end goal is a drawer full of different types of sex toys that you absolutely adore! That being said, here are some suggestions that might help you choose your first/next toy:

If you’re…

  • Discreet: go with a vibrating toy such as a bullet vibrator. Thrusting toys are all dildo-sized and their purpose tends to be quite obvious, so you won’t be able to enjoy those until you’re willing to be loud and proud!
  • Insatiable!: only the toys that leave you twitching will do! That means you need thrust AND vibration. You’ll enjoy the thrusting vibrator dildo Frankie, whose bulbous head hits the deepest targets and gets the job done.

In a relationship: couples can get the most out of their sex lives by experimenting with different types of sex toys. The best sex toys for couples are those that put someone in control of the other. Try a thrusting dildo, to give your partner double the action!

Get Thrusting!

At Velvet Co, we believe that there’s no reason to choose between thrusting and vibrating toys when you can have both! The combination of those two sensations is simply unmatchable. If you agree, then you’ll love our collection of thrusting vibrator dildos! Shop now or explore to learn more.

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