About Us

Building a Better Sex Toy Company

What really happened.

Who would have thought sex tech and social responsibility can be done together!  It wasn't easy and it didn't happen overnight.   Our magical little company has been hard at work, as a family run business for several years now.  We did develop some great sex tech into a new sex toy category called thrusters getting the first patents in this space.   Our first product did just well enough for us to re-engineer the drive mechanism into the Teddy line of Thrusting dildos.  These are the smaller motor and battery assembly, which are now our Thruster MINI products, Teddy TX, XL and GS.  Then we re-engineered that original product into the Thruster PRIME after collecting design input from the leading sex toy critics and sex toy product reviewers..  Those famous faces are linked here!   

1. Super Smash Cache - Sex toy reviews and cervical orgasms galore. Find the best sex toys for deep penetration.  

2. Hey Epiphora — Where sex toys go to be judged

3. https://phallophilereviews.com/

4. https://backwoodsbedroom.com/

5. https://www.julietachiara.com/about

6. https://www.ellechase.com/

7. https://formidablefemme.com/

8. https://www.redheadbedhead.com/

Check them out and pay attention to what they say, we do!  They are best at making sure we don't waste our money on adult pleasure products that don't deliver and speaking to the normalcy of solo masturbation.  Like you, we buy sex toy too and get amazingly disappointed when they don't perform as advertised.   

Back to our STORY.

We thought we were just going to replace large sex machines in the pleasure product market. However, when we completed engineering the product was much closer in size to average pulsators, like from fun factory, and vibrating dildos, like a doc johnson rabbit.  Meaning we could make handheld fucking machines!  After 2 years of trial and error, we made it!  A very powerful handheld thrusting dildo, that can bend and curve with your body while you’re playing with it. This was an essential detail and very hard to accomplish, otherwise the phallic toy is too rigid and maybe even painful if you get jabbed.  And now in 2021, we have added the ability to add accessories, like long reach handles, and change toys heads...all thanks to the inside input we got from the best sex toy experts on the planet.

Details maybe you want to know?

Yes, this kind of thrusting power used to be only available from a heavy and expensive sex machine and used to cost as much as $1500.  And now we have classic models for under $200 and the thruster mini for under $150.

Yes, we used to both be employed doing engineering for airplanes and rockets  with Boeing, Airbus, and NASA.   But it was highly stressful work and carried some major liabilities.  We did channel our passion and expertise with advanced engineering into sex tech and patents for building new and unique sex toys. What we do in a thruster, competitors cant do, they don't have the patent and they aren't willing to spend as much on the quality of guts required to make it work.

Truthfully this product is over-engineered, big surprise from aerospace folks... but it is built to last and has a tip to tail warranty to support our customer service for The Vevlet Thruster.

Am I a beginner?

If you are here considering The Thruster, chances are this is not your first sex toy. The Thruster was made for adults who enjoy penetration and like to achieve a vaginal orgasm.  This is not normally were people start exploring.  If your uncomfortable with penetrative sex, don't start here. Try a friendly Wand from We-Vibe maybe.  


If you’re not sure about our classic thrusters, our new Velvet Thruster Mini might  for you. Its more manageable size, thrusting action, and lower price make it great to start with.

                                     The Velvet Co. adult toy company’s new velvet thruster mini


How we support communities.

Our products are all sex-positive and gender-neutral. Everyone should enjoy their sexuality however they prefer and without judgment.   And as we succeed with our business, we chose to support more organizations where we hope to help other communities.   

For 2021, these are the organizations we will support each quarter.  These all mean something for us but its not a complete list, we'd like to do more for animals and the planet when we can can expand.  Please know, we are not political people, we make decisions on quality of character.

1. The Trevor Project — Saving Young LGBTQ Lives

2. Human Rights Campaign - HRC

3. Planned Parenthood | Official Site

4. Suicide Prevention Services | United States | Support & Awareness (spsamerica.org)


More to come.

So you you know, we have more products and brands coming in 2021.  You will see new brands introduced that fall under our corporation name,  Velvet CO.  Because, we are banned from advertising almost everywhere you use our brands to extend our visibility and reach.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about The Thruster.

We hope you enjoy our products.
Velvet Co.