About Us

Building a Better Sex Toy Company

As a husband & wife team with experience in and around lifestyle parties, we saw every sex toy known to exist. We found that there were no handheld sex toys that delivered a penetrating motion. After more than 20 years in the aerospace manufacturing business, we decided it would be much more fun to develop our own product line in the adult pleasure industry. There was a clear gap in what present-day sex toy businesses where offering. For us, adult entertainment shows and parties are far more fun anyway. And even better, no more suits and ties, ever!

At first, we thought we were just going to replace large sex machines in the pleasure product market. However, when we completed our first prototypes the product was much closer in size to current market pulsators and vibrating dildos. For 2 years, we kept engineering until we got what we wanted. A very powerful handheld thrusting dildo, that bends and curves while you’re playing with it. This was an essential detail and very hard to accomplish.

What’s Special About The Thruster?

Until now, this kind of thrusting power was only available from a heavy and expensive sex machine, or an industrial power tool attachment. What used to cost as much as $1500 and require serious assembly now comes ready to use in over 4 classic models for under $200 and the thruster mini for under $150.

But the founders of Velvet Co. adult toy company are really what sets The Velvet Thruster apart. After selling our successful business in aerospace - manufacturing and engineering for Boeing, Airbus, and NASA. We channeled our passion and expertise into building new and unique sex toys. The Thruster is highly engineered and has a foundation in quality control principles used in an AS9100 manufacturing facility. When we say this is a high-quality machine, we mean it.

Truthfully this product is over-engineered, big surprise from aerospace folks… but it is built to last and has a tip to tail warranty that we are glad to honor.

We have been granted patent number US9717645B2 for our invention of a handheld penetrating pleasure machine. This was the beginning of the Velvet Co. sex toy company and our current product line: The Vevlet Thruster.

Velvet Thruster by the Velvet Co. sex toy company

Each Velvet Thruster has a 6.5-inch flexible shaft empowered with 3 inches of penetrating thrust. Users control the 10 speeds, up to 140 vibrating strokes per minute, with an illuminated keypad at the base.

Enjoy up to 8 hours of use on a single battery charge. We stand by the quality in a way few other sex toy companies would consider: with a 1-year tip-to-tail warranty.

Is The Velvet Thruster Right for Me?

If you are here considering The Thruster, chances are this is NOT your first sex toy. The Thruster was made for adults who actually want a good time. It is not a discreet toy and it won't work quietly underwater in your bathtub. This is the toy you break out when you are done numbing yourself with your magic wand and it's time to get crazy. It is very powerful and not recommended for beginners. If you own an adult toy collection, you will understand why this will make a welcome addition!

The Velvet Co. adult toy company’s new velvet thruster mini

If you’re not sure about our classic thrusters, our new Velvet Thruster Mini might for you. Its more manageable size, thrusting action, and price make it great to start with.

Our products are all sex-positive and gender-neutral. Everyone should enjoy their sexuality however they prefer and without judgment. We proudly the LGBTQ community and human rights globally.

Our Velvet Thrusters is also not for the shy or self-conscious. Fair warning: you can hear them from across the room. But for most, that’s perfectly fine. They may not be whisper quiet, but not quite as loud as you’ll want to be.

Why do I see Velvet Cock in Some Places?

Velvet Cock is the legal name of our sex toy company. We make fake cocks, and they’re velvety soft. The Thruster is our branded line of products that you will find here, and by authorized resale organizations. Velvet Co. is the name that will be on our white box shipping carton for discretion. Velvet Co will also be the name that shows up on credit card statements - Just in case anyone is wondering who is ordering fabric samples.

For More Information

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about The Thruster.

We hope you enjoy our products.
Velvet Co.