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Rechargeable Sex Toys

When you’re in an insatiable mood, you have two options: you can rely on pure manpower (you or a partner) to satisfy you or you could seek help from a tireless electric sex toy. Either option works, but it’s good to have electronically-powered options on hand for when you run out of steam or when you want a different kind of pleasure.

Velvet Thruster is a great option for you when you want to add a source of ceaseless thrust to your self-play or couples play. This sex toy features a rechargeable battery that gives you powerful penetration for up to 8 hours! We couldn’t settle for anything less than a long-lasting battery.

Electronic sex toys can be rechargeable, battery-powered, and plug-in. Why did we choose to make our sex toy rechargeable? Read on to find out!

Types Of Electric Sex Toys

Battery-Powered Sex Toys

battery powered sex toys

Battery-powered sex toys are a pretty common sight no matter which novelty store you go to. Common amongst cheaper, smaller toys such as bullet vibrators, these toys require one or more battery (typically AAA) to turn on. A lot of the time, the batteries won’t come with the toy and you’ll have to buy them separately.

When comparing battery-powered sex toys to rechargeable ones, keep a few things in mind. The cost of batteries ads up over time, they’re harmful for the environment, and not always on hand, making them a subpar choice for anyone who uses toys often.

Plug-In Sex Toys

Corded or plug-in sex toys are toys that need to be plugged into a wall socket to turn on. Many powerful personal massagers, such as the original Hitachi Magic Wand, are corded. While this kind of toy doesn’t require much preparation to use, you will need to be close to a wall socket to use them. Spontaneous toy enthusiasts (the type who will want to do the dirty in the kitchen/car/anywhere!) will want to keep corded sex toys to a minimum.

Rechargeable Sex Toys

rechargable sex toys

Most electronic technology is already battery-free, so why shouldn’t sex toys be, too? With rechargeable toys, all you have to do is charge your toy using the included cable every so often to keep it ready for action. Though typically a more expensive option, rechargeable toys are definitely worth it in the long-run.

Why Rechargeable Is Better

frankie velvet thruster packaging

Of the options you have for electric sex toys, rechargeable toys are the way to go. They are a perfect mix of convenient, portable, and environmentally-friendly – exactly what a modern 21st century sex toy should be. Toys such as The Thruster have made strides in improving battery life, too, so that your toy can last longer than ever before. Now you can enjoy your toys without worrying about buying new batteries or staying near to a socket. You get to focus on enjoying yourself.

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