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Types of Thrusting Adult Toys

Types of Thrusting Adult Toys

The sex toy industry has come a long way since doctor-prescribed vibes and heavy floor-standing sex machines. Over the years, we’ve seen powerful sex toys get smaller, sex toy materials get safer, and adult toys that thrust themselves. While you can’t always beat the classics, sex toy users of today have more options than ever when it comes to what brings them pleasure.

Learn more about why you should invest in an automatic thrusting sex toy and what types there are to try. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, realistic, or uniquely kinky, Velvet Co. has everything you need in a quality thrusting adult toy.

Why We Love Toys that Thrust in the First Place

Automatic Thrusts

This one is a bit obvious, but what makes toys that automatically thrust special is the fact they’re doing all the work for you and can simulate the sensation of intercourse.

More Position Options

Depending on the toy’s size and whether or not you’re using a suction-cup base, you can try out a number of new positions with an adult toy that thrusts

Faster and for Longer

Dildos like the Velvet Thruster can go faster than most people with up to 140 strokes per minute. If you’re looking for a companion that lasts and goes fast, thrusting adult toys are the way to go. 

Better Sex with Your Partner

Thrusting sex toys open up a world of erotic possibilities for curious couples where new positions can be tried and new kinks can be satisfied.   

Sex Machines

Now that we’ve covered why thrusting sex toys are great, it’s time to talk about one of the most popular types there is: the classic sex machine.

Sex machines are typically large devices with a dildo attachment. Most industrial adult toys that thrust are loud, heavy, and big due to the size of their powerful motors. They allow for a faster, harder penetration experience than what you’d get through manual masturbation. Unfortunately, quality thrusting adult toys like sex machines can cost thousands of dollars and take hours to assemble.

Thrusting Dildos

Other adult toys that can thrust automatically are dildos. These handheld sex toys tend to be more affordable

Similar to your basic dildo, there are many subtypes of thrusting dildos available.

For Anal Orgasms

Almost any dildo can be used for anal orgasms, but certain thrusting adult toys designed for anal stimulation should have a few additional features like a flared base for safety and a flexible shaft for comfort. In addition to all of this, Velvet Co.’s anal dildo, the Walter, has strategically placed beads that allow for better anal or prostate stimulation.  

For Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral stimulation can come in many forms. For some dildos, this means an external attachment most of us refer to as a rabbit. The “ears” of the rabbit can massage the clitoris as the thrusting adult toy works its magic. Adult toys that thrust and vibrate can also help with clitoral orgasms depending on the strength of the vibrations. Powerful vibrations near or against this little bundle of sensitive nerves are key for many of us looking to orgasm during penetration.

For Vaginal Orgasms

Not everyone can climax from penetration alone. If you’re curious about experiencing such an orgasm, a G-spot thrusting dildo may be the solution. G-spot dildos use their curved tip to target the G-spot directly, which is made up of clitoral nerves. This type of thrusting toy can help you experience a vaginal orgasm without additional stimulation.

Experience the Best with Velvet Co.’s Thrusting Adult Toys 

The Velvet Thruster is different from any other dildo or sex machine the industry has ever seen, thanks to its ergonomic design and powerful patented motor. Users can enjoy hands-free fun with options like the Thruster Mini, or build their own with the Thruster Prime.

There are plenty of adult toys that thrust, but there’s only one Velvet Thruster. See for yourself why when it comes to the best thrusting adult toys, Velvet Co. can’t be beat.