Sex Toys and Role-Reversal 

role reversal of Woman hovering her lips over a naked chest.

Have you ever considered role reversal in the bedroom? You’re not alone. Role reversal is a growing trend among sexually active adults and their partners as couples realize being penetrated or penetrating shouldn’t be restricted to one gender or specific genitalia. Luckily, those of us who are interested in penetrating but lack the equipment can use dildos and other role-reversal sex toys to satisfy our partners’ desire for arousing, thrusting sensations. Gain a new perspective and keep your play interesting by swapping who pitches and catches with role-reversal dildos. Explore Velvet Co.’s line of genderless thrusters to find the best sex toy you and your partner can use together.

Role Reversal 101

For heteronormative sex, role reversal usually means the female partner is penetrating her male partner using a strap-on harness and attachable dildo. This type of penetration is often referred to as “pegging.” Pegging can be a rewarding experience for both participants. The thrusting motions that come with the effort of massaging the prostate can also provide clitoral stimulation. Role reversal can also apply to BDSM roles in the bedroom, such as dominant or submissive. The basics of this type of kinky role reversal can apply to any couple—heteronormative or not—and are a sexy way to build intimacy. It’s also worth mentioning that role-reversal sex toys can also play a large part in the sexual relationships of LGBTQIA+ couples.

A Kinkier Kind of Play

If you’re having a hard time understanding why role reversal can have a positive impact on your and your lover’s relationship, you’re not alone. The heavy taboo associated with pegging has left the false impression that men shouldn’t enjoy or seek out anal sex. Some have gone on to challenge this and have come out the other side sexually gratified, but unfortunately, mainstream culture has kept many couples from engaging in this type of self-exploration.

Two women getting dressed and laughing in their underwear.

Role-reversal sex toys are great for examining the relationship dynamics between you and your partner. If your lover typically does the penetrating, experiencing penetration for themselves can teach them more about what works and doesn’t. This results in the two of you are learning about yourselves and each other in ways you hadn’t considered before.

Some couples also give role reversal and pegging a try because it’s something new. Adventurous individuals who are ready to engage in a world of new experiences might not thrive on having a routine. Many lovers want to maintain a level of excitement to their relationship, and role-reversal sex toys do just that.

Most of us have sex in the first place because it’s satisfying and fun, so why deny yourselves some role-reversal indulgence if both parties are consenting and having a good time?

The Right Equipment

 Discovering the best role-reversal dildos for you and   your partner can be tricky. With a mountain of options   and yourselves to explore, don’t be afraid to take your   time and enjoy one another. Light anal play for   inexperienced couples can help ease into role   reversal. We have to walk before we run. Starting   small and working up to larger, more stimulating role-   reversal sex toys with unique features makes anal sex   less daunting and more rewarding.

 Before buying a new anal toy, make sure it’s made   from a body-safe material like silicone. Glass and metal are alternative options that both offer vastly unique sensations, but silicone’s non-porous properties make it popular and easy to clean. Any toys you bring into the bedroom should be compatible with your favorite type of lube. Long-lasting oil lubricants can erode or damage certain sex toy materials over time. Do your research first or switch to a water-based lubricant. Role-reversal and anal sex toys with stoppers are also a good idea. No one wants to explain to friends and family why they had to go to the hospital unexpectedly.

Dildos and Sex Machines

Beginner dildos and vibes can help ease your partner into anal penetration. Invest in a sturdy strap-on harness once you’re ready to put your partner in complete control of your pleasure. Most harnesses are compatible with more than one role-reversal sex toy, providing you the opportunity to try different materials, shapes, and sizes. Adding a vibrating dildo to the mix can provide arousing stimulation for both partners that’s hard to pass up.

Sex machines should be something beginners work up to. Most are intense and can be overwhelming for those not used to penetration. Your partner won’t be able to use their strap-on harness, but they can still participate in pegging you in other ways. Allow them to prepare you for the orgasm of your life, and when the time comes, let your lover decide how fast or slow you’re penetrated. They won’t receive direct physical stimuli, but the image of you enjoying your role-reversal sex toy is sure to please.

Get Ready for Date Night with Velvet Co.


Take your bedroom game up a notch with a powerful, ergonomic sex toy like the Velvet Thruster. The Thruster is a handheld thrusting sex machine that gives back the intimacy of having your significant other close by as they penetrate you. The compact and powerful motor of these vibrating dildos takes some of the stress away with its automatic penetrating feature. Let your partner control the speed and depth of the thrusts as they hold the toy. Better yet, try our Mini Thruster Teddy collection and throw a suction-cup base into the mix. Ride hard and put on a show for your lover, or use your role-reversal sex toy alone during solo play.

All of our role-reversal dildos are great for anal. The Walter was designed to massage the p-spot, but can still please people without a prostate. Discover the many benefits of using sex toys together. Give your lover the sex machine you’ll both love as a romantic gift or just because. Visit Velvet Co. today. You, your partner, and your prostate will thank us later.

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