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Love + lust = a recipe for a perfect Valentine’s Day. You may have prepared for a romantic picnic by the lake, but have you prepared for what’s happening when you tuck yourself and your partner in for bed at the end of the day? If not, it’s time.

We love finishing Valentine’s Day by experimenting with new sex toys. You and your partner don’t have to be ultra kinky to do the same – you just need to be adventurous and open-minded. This guide by Velvet Thruster is a great place to start for V-day sensual gift-giving, aimed at beginners and seasoned sexperts alike. It’s chock-full of tips on presentation, gift selection, and mood-setting, so go ahead and start putting together your wish list!

Choosing The Right Gifts

The most crucial step for sexy gift-giving this V-day is to, of course, choose the right gift. The “wrong” gift may seem too forward or could never get used, while the right gift will help the two of you fresh realms of pleasure and intimacy. Before you begin shopping, think long and hard about your recipient and what sex toys they might be willing to try this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts For Your Lover

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When you gift your lover a sex toy, consider one that you can both enjoy. There are many sex toys out there that enhance intimacy as well as pleasure. Some of our favorites include:

  • Sex Dice/Sex Board Games are no-contact sex toys that are great for beginners with no experience in using bedroom aids;
  • (Vibrating) Penis Rings are great Valentine’s Day sex toys that don’t detract from the intimacy of the experience… As long as you choose a whisper-quiet model.
  • Remote Control Vibrators give one partner the power to control the other’s pleasure. We love that low-key power play!
  • Hands-Free Vibrators stay in place during intercourse, keeping the focus on the lovin’ rather than the toy.
  • Long Distance Toys such as synced dildo/fleshlight pairs and app-connected vibrators/dildos make great Valentine’s Day sex toy gifts for your long-distance lover.
  • Penis Molding Kits allow you to create a dildo in your/your man’s likeness. Sex toys don’t get much more personalized than this!
  • Sex Toy Kits are a great way to give a little bit of everything to your lover. Look for toy sets, BDSM sets, massage sets, and more at your favorite sex toy store.

The Perfect Gift For A KINKY Lover

jakie velvet thruster sex toy

The Thruster by Velvet Co. is the perfect Valentine’s Day sex toy to give to an especially kinky lover. Our positively naughty premium sex machine is unisex, powerful, and thoroughly engineered. With powerful thrust at up to 140 cycles per minute, our invention can satisfy thrust enthusiasts of all genders this lovers’ day. It comes in four models meant to cover most tastes, from traditional to butt-loving.

Gifts For Your Pal

A 2015 research study by sex toy brand LELO revealed that about 65% of young women (under 35) got their first vibrators from a friend. And why not? Friends have each other’s best interests in mind. If you love sex toys and can’t wait for your bestie to share in the fun, then consider giving them a vibrating or thrusting sex toy this Valentine’s Day.

  • Discreet Vibrators are available in various shapes and forms including rubber duckies, chic metal necklaces, and faux lipsticks. Great for the reserved friend!
  • Ben Wa Balls/Kegel Balls are as much sex toys as they are women’s exercise tools. If dildos and vibrators can be considered X-rated toys, then kegel balls are the NC-17 option.
  • Gag Sex Toys such as oversized dildos (horse dildos, etc…) and foot-shaped male massagers may not be great for practical use, but they do work as interesting home décor. Your goofy friends might love a gift like this
  • Gift Cards are underrated. Give your pal a sex toy shop gift card for Valentine’s Day if you’d rather let them choose their own pleasure.

Presenting Your Gift

Sex toys are an unconventional gift choice, to say the least. The less acquainted your recipient is with sex toys, the more care you need to put into the presentation/explanation of your gift. Follow our tried-and-true tips for gift-giving success.

  1. Write A Note Or Give A Verbal Explanation
box of chocolates

Some gifts require an explanation. Whether you’re more eloquent as a speaker or as a writer, it may be time to warm up your communication skills. You don’t have to get too serious – just give a little bit of an opener so that your recipient knows that it isn’t a teddy bear in that ribboned box. For a more open-minded friend, no explanation is necessary when you give sex toys for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Give More Than One Gift At A Time

V-day is about more than just lust, especially for couples. Unless you and your lover are on the same page about loving sex toys, then a lone sex toy gift may feel insufficient. To give them a more comprehensive gift, consider putting together a box that contains your sex toy as well as chocolates, cupcakes, stuffed animals, jewelry, photo frames, and other small items.

  1. Don’t Forget Rose Petals And Scented Candles!

Sex toys may make profound Valentine’s Day gifts, but they require the right setting to be fully enjoyed. If you’ve got a romantic getaway planned, then the hotel suite is a great place to present your gift. Make sure to set an appropriately romantic mood, too, with flower petals etc.

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Give A Premium Thruster This Valentine’s Day!

Premium sex toys guarantee Valentine’s Day happiness and can be enjoyed for years. That’s why we love giving them as gifts whenever we can. Our Thrusters are a (sex) life-changing gift that lovers of the hardcore simply must try. If you have the privilege of having such a person in your life, then consider rewarding them with the most powerful compact sex machine around. Shop our collection now!