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Thank goodness for self-pleasure and thank goodness for the vibrators, dildos and other sex toys designed for women who want it! Discovering your next favorite sex toy tends to be a pretty life-changing event.

Is it time for you to discover some new juju for your toy chest? Maybe we can help. While the toys you end up liking will depend on your personality and physiology, a road map certainly won’t hurt. So in addition to our patented Thrusters, we’ve put together a list of the seven most effective sex toys we recommend for women who want a good time, solo.

Air Pulsation Clit Toys

For the first item on our list, we’d like to mention one of the most unique women’s sex toys that we’re seeing out there today: air pulsation clit stimulators! Named by sex publications and users as a revolutionary new way to orgasm, these touch-free toys provide a sensation similar to that of oral sex, but different enough to keep you coming back, even if you do have a partner. Choose these toys if clitoral orgasms are your jam (one that you like to play on repeat). They’re proof that phallic toys such as dildos aren’t the only sex toys satisfying for women.

Bullet Vibrators

While air pulsation toys offer something new and interesting, vibrating toys offer a classic pleasure that many women swear by. Bullet vibrators are a must-have in every toy collection for more reasons than one. They’re portable, work in virtually any position, can be quite powerful, and are generally pretty affordable. We highly recommend you try bullet vibes, especially if it’s your first foray into sex toys for women.

Wand Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are often nice and discreet, but wand vibrators are typically much higher intensity. With their rumbling, unforgiving vibrations, wand vibrators such as the original Hitachi Magic Wand don’t need you to show up wet to the party – they’ll turn you on quickly enough with their powerful, almost excessive power.

There’s more than one way to play with wands. Use the vibe alone, buy an attachment, or hold the wand in place with a sex toy cushion and ride it. Need yet another reason to give it a spin? Vibrating wands are powerful enough to be used as a body massager (i.e. for those knots in your back), making them an ideal choice if you want something that’s more than just a sex toy for women.

G-Spot Vibrators

Curved G-spot vibrators are a classic vibrator style designed to deliver vibrations to the G-spot, though they can also be used as clitoral vibes. Choose this kind of toy if you need a little help discovering or achieving vaginal orgasm – since it’s hands-free, it is more user-friendly than a dildo would be for helping women achieve G-spot orgasms.

Kegel Toys

Kegel toys are another type of sex toy designed specifically for women’s use. This particular toy, however, is as much a health implement as it is a pleasure product. Use it with your kegel exercises to improve your vaginal tightness and health and you just might see your sex life improving. Or, use them as a sexy foreplay toy. Leave it inside you for a few hours before play time starts. It will deliver the lightest of internal sensations, turning you on in tiny degrees as you go about your day.

A Trusty Dildo

If you love action involving the vagina proper – including vaginal orgasms – then you simply must try a good old-fashioned phallic massager, AKA dildo. One of the most classic types of sex toys for women, dildos give an experience close to that of intercourse, with one crucial difference: you control the depth, angle and speed. For women working on vaginal orgasms, dildos are an invaluable tool. Get as creative as you like: you can use your dildo anally or with a partner for double penetration. Make sure to prepare lube for playtime, though, especially if your toy is a girthy one.

Thrusting Sex Machine (The Thruster)

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Thrust and vibration are the two main sensations that women can get out of sex toys, and The Thruster by Velvet Co offers both. Our toys are vibrating, thrusting dildos designed for all genders including women. Unlike traditional floor-standing sex machines, Thrusters are portable, packing a lot of power into a small body. With adjustable speed and angle settings and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, these versatile sex toys are game-changers for women who take a while to reach their G-spot or A-spot orgasm.

We offer four different models – Jackie (the classic one), Frankie, Abbey and Walter– all with their own perks. If you love the sensation of thrust, or if you enjoy hardcore sex, then you’ll definitely find something to love in our connection.

Meet The Right Thruster For You

frankie velvet thruster packagingWe hope that our quick n’ dirty list of toys helps lead you to the perfect new sex toy for women’s play. Go ahead and treat yourself! Ask yourself where you’d like to go next with your body and then find a beautiful, well-designed personal massager to get you there. If that isn’t self-care, we don’t know what is.

Our Thrusters can’t wait to join in on your exploration of you. New and seasoned toy users alike have professed their love for our beautifully engineered toy. Some enjoy using them for solo play, while others like giving them to their partners and relinquishing control to them. In short, there’s a lot you can get out of them! Head to our collection now to view our thrusting dildo sex toys for women.