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Teddy GS

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Teddy GS - The Mini G-Spot Thrusting Dildo

The Thruster Series just got more exciting! Meet the new Teddy GS, the first handheld g-spot sex toy added to our classic Velvet Thruster Teddy lineup. 

With its deliciously curved vibrating tip, adjustable speeds, and suction-cup base, the Teddy GS will hit you right in that “oh!” spot that has you seeing stars and coming back for more. Order today and experience orgasmic bliss!

Teddy GS

lenght 6” of insertable length, 10” long in total
Power 2.5” of powerful thrust and vibration with vibrating g-spot tip
Speed Up to 128 strokes per minute, 6 Adjustable speeds
Flexibility Flexible shaft up to 90°
Suction Suction-cup base
Battery Up to 2 ½ hours of battery life, fully rechargeable
  Safe Made with medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone

Variety is the Spice of Life

At Velvet Co., we aim to create powerful, handheld thrusting g-spot dildos for adults who enjoy penetration. Each model is meticulously designed for your preferences, whether you’re with a partner or engaging in a little self-indulgence. All of our sex toys provide a pleasurable penetration experience unmatched by any other handheld rechargeable adult product.

The original Velvet Thruster Teddy was engineered with accessibility and size in mind. While most vibrating thrusting dildos are floor standing contraptions or attached to power tools, the Teddy is a freestanding, cordless handheld sex toy invented by aerospace engineers. Thanks to our patented penetrating technology, orgasmic delight can be streamlined into one easy-to-use dildo without sacrificing power. The Teddy XL proves good things can come in all shapes and sizes.

The Story of the Teddy GS

The Teddy GS g-spot dildo was created following our ANME influencer event, where attendees designed the ultimate g-spot sex toy out of clay. With its increased insertable length, deep vibrations, and improved battery life, fans of vaginal orgasms and g-spot stimulation will love the Teddy GS.

It’s bigger and better than ever! And with an increased 128 thrusts per second, this velvety smooth g-spot dildo is the fastest yet in the Teddy Thruster line.

Available in Four Classic Colors

Teddy GS Web Mint Teddy GS Web Lilac Teddy GS Web Red Teddy GS Web Black

We’re Serious About Your Satisfaction

With its improved speed, deeper penetration, and convenient size, the Teddy GS g-spot sex toy is the dildo that provides orgasmic bliss and powerful g-spot stimulation in the bedroom or while traveling. The proof is in the reviews and testimonials: if you want more thrust, come to us.

The Teddy GS is a guaranteed erotic pleasure machine covered by our 1-year tip-to-tail warranty. Your satisfaction is assured with the Teddy GS g-spot dildo, or any of our other Velvet Thrusters. Try the Teddy GS today!

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