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Abbey is a handheld sex toy whose modest, retro silhouette masks its true identity as a powerful personal fucking machine. Not only is it capable of 3 inches of thrust at up to a whopping 140 strokes per minute, it also provides 90-degree flexibility on the shaft to help hit those sweet spots.

Abbey is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is a hardcore thrusting vibrator designed to revolutionize solo masturbation and couples’ play.

Sweet Design; Fierce Performance

Early personal vibrators came in discrete designs and were marketed as “personal massagers.” The ads didn’t explicitly talk about the massagers’ naughty sexual functions, but they did imply them. We pay tribute to that bygone age with Abbey, a retro sex toy with a tapered shape and sleek ribbed lines along the body. Abbey may be retro in aesthetics, but it is capable of all the modern thrusting vibrator capabilities engineered by Velvet Cock. Use Abbey on your own or with your partner to celebrate just how far society has come in its acceptance of sex and masturbation.


Smooth Insertion

Abbey measures .75” wide at the tip and 1.5” at the base, allowing for smooth insertion.

Flexible Shaft

With 90 degrees of bendability, flex Abbey to reach all the best spots for phenomenal orgasms.

10 Adjustable Speeds

Get a customized experience out of your personal fucking machine with 10 speeds to switch between. You can go as fast as 140 thrusts a minute. Can your partner do that?

Rechargeable Battery

Abbey lasts for up to 8 hours, then charges via the included magnetic connecting charger.

Body-Safe Silicone

Abbey’s high-tech body is fully covered in body-safe silicone.


Velvet Cock’s thrusting vibrators were designed for men and women. Abbey’s sleek shape makes it particularly ideal for all sorts of vaginal and anal play.

Water Resistant

Abbey wasn’t designed for bathtub play, but it’s well sealed against moisture. It’s easy to clean with water or sex toy cleaner.

Show Abbey Some Love

With a combination of power and aesthetic, Abbey is practically sex toy royalty. If you’re feeling adventurous, let Abbey show you an all-new bedroom experience where the orgasms are stronger, louder, and longer. Pick up Abbey for a better bedroom sensation, or see our Thruster collection for other great thrusting vibrator sex toys.