G-Spot Dildos


Most of us know what we like when it comes to sex toys. If you like penetration, chances are you already love dildos. Vaginal, G-spot, P-spot, and anal orgasms can all be achieved through penetration with the right type of stimulation. Many dildos offer a variety of features and options that promise to tease you in specific erogenous zones, such as the G-spot.

The best G-spot dildos are made with anatomical consideration. Vibrations and thrust right where you need it can deliver a toe-curling orgasm you won’t soon forget. Discover what features make up the best G-spot toys. Browse Velvet Co. and find the G-spot sex toy that checks everything off your list.

G-Spot 101

Many of us have heard of the G-spot but missed the part where stimulating it can result in the elusive vaginal orgasm. The G-spot is located against your inner vaginal wall and is considered to be part of the clitoris. This sensitive bundle of nerves associated with the clitoris is the key for many of us seeking satisfying sexual encounters. It’s also why the best G-spot toys often lead to the most powerful climaxes.

Locating the G-spot isn’t an exact science. G-spot dildos can help the search, but its size and location can vary from person to person, making its discovery difficult. That being said, G-spot stimulation isn’t for everyone. The only way to see if g-spot stimulation is arousing for you is by trying it. This type of self-exploration is important for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy sex life, with or without a partner.

Getting in Touch With Your G-Spot


A popular way to find your G-spot involves inserting your finger into your vagina about an inch and curling your fingers in a “come here” motion towards your belly button. The best G-spot toys are designed specifically to replicate this gesture. The awkward angle of this motion is one of the many reasons people look for the best G-spot sex toys to massage this area of the vaginal wall. These adult toys can protect your wrist from straining and can be just as or more effective than manual stimulation.

It’s not unusual for separate erogenous zones of your body to require different stimulation. Vibrating toys are popular for erogenous zones like the clitoris while girthy anal dildos like the Walter are made with the P-spot in mind. Some of the best G-spot toys offer curved tips and flexible shafts due to the anatomical position of the G-spot. Popular G-spot dildos like the Teddy GS were specifically engineered to thrust and massage the G-spot.

G-Spot Sex Toy Basics

You should always take size into account whenever you’re participating in any type of penetration. Size plays an important role in determining not only the best G-spot dildo but also the best sex toy for your body. No one wants a toy too small and unsatisfying, or one too large and painful. Velvet Co.’s best G-spot toys include a less-intimidating mini dildo experience that doesn’t sacrifice power for portability. If your living situation isn’t as private as you’d like, smaller dildos from the Velvet Thruster Teddy collection can be easier to store or hide.

Taking out your toy’s manual while in the throes of pleasure can also ruin the erotic atmosphere, which is the reason why the best G-spot dildos are user-friendly and low-maintenance. Toy shoppers should also consider battery-powered vs. rechargeable sex toys. Rechargeable adult toys go on to make the best G-spot toy because of their sustainability and convenience. Custom speed options contribute to an overall more ergonomic and pleasurable toy. Having control of the thrusts and vibrations allows you to tone things down when the sensation is too much, or amp things up when you’re just on the precipice of a climax. Body-safe dildos made from medical-grade silicone are another attractive option. Silicone is easy to clean, non-porous, and long-lasting if stored properly.

The Best G-Spot Dildo Features

G-Spot Dildos


The best vibrating and thrusting dildos and G-spot toys often offer similar enticing features. A suction-cup base gives you more sex position options to try with your G-spot dildo. Attaching the toy to the wall or floor opens a whole new world of possibilities and exciting sensations as you engage in hands-free fun. Traditional dildos with flexible shafts are not only better for regular penetration, but G-spot stimulation as well. Curving your dildo to better suit your personal anatomical needs can provide an easier, more comfortable penetration experience.

Some of the most popular features people look for in the best G-spot toy have little impact on functionality. Unique and attractive color options can play an important role in dual-stimulation. Satisfying visual and physical stimuli in the bedroom can further delight your senses. Break away from the ordinary by adding a Velvet Thruster in your favorite color to your bedroom collection.

The Best Toys Mean The Best Orgasms

The Velvet Thruster series started with inclusive pleasure in mind and continues to expand with new toys catered to you. All of our one-of-a-kind sex machines are rechargeable, water-resistant, portable, and genderless. The base-to-tip vibrations and patented thrusting technology are revolutionizing the approach to traditional sex machines.

Finding the elusive G-spot and achieving a vaginal orgasm are less daunting undertakings with a G-spot sex toy. See for yourself how we’re delivering life-changing sex toys with all the best features. If you’re ready to engage in some self-exploration with the best G-spot toy, shop at Velvet Co. today.

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