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We’re proud to present Jackie, Velvet Cock’s powerful, portable fucking machine in a welcoming penis shape. This realistic thrusting dildo is our most popular model of The Thruster, and is Unisex. At first glance, it looks like a regular dildo, but it is actually a vibrating, flexible, thrusting machine.

The Penis of Champions

No one could keep up with Jackie. This portable fucking machine has unmatched endurance, delivering up to 140 thrusts per minute over a battery life lasting as long as 8 hours. Its shaft is also ultra-flexible, bending up to 90-degrees to reach all the best spots.

Before Jackie, few easy-to-use thrusting machines existed and none handheld. Most thrusting machines are huge floor-standing contraptions that cost thousands of dollars and take all day to put together. You can’t really get an organic fucking experience from a device using an unfriendly rigid steel rod. Our team set out to solve this, used their experience in aerospace engineering to create a realistic thrusting dildo that’s affordable, handheld, and doesn’t look or feel absurd. Adult fun has never been better engineered.


Big, Long Thrust

This toy is 6.5” long when turned off and offers a thrust of 3”. At the head, this toy is 1.5” wide.

Flexible Shaft

Jackie gives up to 90 degrees of flexibility to help hit those sweet spots.

10 Adjustable Speeds

Get up to 140 thrusts per minute out of your realistic thrusting dildo.


Jackie is rechargeable with a magnetic connecting charger and offers extended battery life.

Body-Safe Silicone

Medical grade silicone is considered the best and safest material for sex toys.


Anyone can enjoy all Jackie has to offer.

Get Fucked Your Way

Jackie artfully combines the natural feeling of a penis shape and the badass mechanical power of a portable fucking machine.

If you’re searching for a realistic thrusting dildo, then Jackie is everything you’re looking for and more. Gift yourself or someone as kinky as you are the gift of amazing, realistic pleasure. Pick up Jackie today, or see our full collection of Thruster sex toys.