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Show Your Butt Some Love

Meet Walter an intense thrusting anal dildo that will leave you quivering with pleasure. Some of the most intense sexual sensations can come from anal play, the prostate is often called the second G spot. If you enjoy butt plugs and anal vibrators, Walter will take your stimulation to the next level as a thrusting anal toy that satisfies like no other handheld machine.


3 Inches of powerful thrust

Walter has 6.5 inches of insertable length that extends 3 inches with every thrust.

Vibrating Tip

Walter’s oscillating mechanical drive creates a pleasant vibration that’s especially noticeable at the tip.

Easy to Insert

Walter’s topmost ball measures only .85” across, allowing for easy insertion. The balls get increasingly large the lower they are on the toy’s 6.5” shaft so that you can ease it inside you.

Flexible Shaft

One thing that sets our thrusting anal dildo apart from other anal dildos is its 90-degree flexibility, which allows it to flex and hit all the most pleasurable spots.

10 Adjustable Speeds

Work your way up to a cosmic butt-fucking with Walter’s 10 speed settings, which can take the thrust rate all the way up to 140 per minute.

Rechargeable Battery

Walter’s battery, which lasts up to 8 hours, is rechargeable. Use the included magnetic connecting charger to recharge.

Body-Safe Silicone

We’re working with delicate territory here. You can rest assured knowing that Walter is made with body-safe silicone.


Velvet Cock designs sex toys usable by anyone, and that includes Walter. No matter your gender, try this thrusting anal dildo for intense pleasure.

Water Resistant

Walter can’t be used in a bathtub, but it’s protected for anywhere in your body you use it. Clean it easily with water or sex toy cleaner.

Perfect For Solo Or Couples’ Play

Walter is an all-in-one thrusting anal dildo with the power and flexibility for solo play. But Walter is also perfect for couples’ play – there’s nothing hotter than giving the power to someone else. While the toy is inside you, let your partner try bending the toy’s shaft or varying the speed of thrust.